A zookeeper can defend himself against a dangerous animal, even if the zookeeper”s negligence caused the animal”s escape.

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The zookeeper and the prison guard, after all, can certainly be faulted for having acted in such a way that an innocent life has to be taken.
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I refer to businessmen who have been made bankrupt, mortgagees who have been dispossessed, zookeepers, businessmen and many others who have been put to great inconvenience.
Animals that survived this had to also survive the end of the war, when all the remaining zookeepers fled the zoo.
Every day, a zookeeper leads an educational feeding tour around the wildlife park, during which the large cats, wolves, and primates are fed.
To help manage the expanding zoo, players can employ maintenance workers, zookeepers and tour guides.
There, three zookeepers will hand-rear him, providing 24-hour foster care to the tiny cub until he reaches a year old.
In the book, the author chronicles her insights gleaned as a zookeeper responsible for rehabilitating bears in crisis.
Zookeepers were cleaning her area when they realized she got out of her bedroom and wandered out into a hallway.
Nowadays any close contact with the animal is rare and restricted to biologists, zookeepers and fishermen (who occasionally catch them in lines or nets).

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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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