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to stop talking to other people and start thinking thoughts that are not related to what is happening around you:
The brewery said there was no connection between their decision to withdraw one of their local beers and the dispute with their main competitor.
withdraw funding/support The opposition threatened to withdraw support for the government”s pension plans.

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to stop being involved in a situation, having a particular responsibility, or belonging to an organization:
withdraw from (doing) sth Despite the stock market crash, only one corporate investor has withdrawn from the deal.
When the safe zone collapsed in the next phase of the war, they confronted this dilemma directly by temporarily withdrawing their protection of civilians.
After this age any worker may begin withdrawing funds, regardless of how much he or she has accumulated.
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The clergy were asked their advice on how a national church was to be governed if obedience were withdrawn from the pope.
The aspirated cytoplasm and the spermatozoon were then gently ejected into the cytoplasm and the needle was withdrawn.
The tip of the needle was gently positioned inside the target pronucleus which was aspirated, while the needle was withdrawn.
As noted, the practice of withdrawing young girls from school greatly diminished in the late 1960s and 1970s.
However, this amount does not exactly represent the resources available for retirement since this includes the amounts that have been withdrawn for housing and investments.
One of the three woman, who was ninety-five years of age, was withdrawn when it became clear that she found the interviews too exhausting.
Federal officials said employers were withdrawing from the fund faster, increasing the burden on those that remained.
Attempting to come to terms with these rapid social changes, individuals increasingly withdrew into silence, fearful of exposing their true selves to strangers.
Similar considerations inhibited governments from issuing official warnings to opposition newspapers or from withdrawing their publishing concession.
Packets were withdrawn from storage at different intervals, ranging from 6 h to 730 d, and seed viability estimated.
In ten years they miscued only once, putting out an inflammatory tract, which was quickly withdrawn on governmental advice.
Thirteen patients withdrew during the program due to sudden death, medical problems, or social reasons.
The notion that privatization and deregulation can solve these problems by withdrawing the state from command is an illusion.





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