a written promise from a company to repair or replace a product that develops a fault within a particular period of time, or to do a piece of work again if it is not satisfactory:

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a written promise by a company to repair or replace a product that breaks within a fixed period of time or do again a piece of work that is not satisfactory:
a written promise from a company or a person to repair or replace a product that you buy from them if it develops a fault within a fixed period of time:
These are metrics that assess the product use in the field in terms of its maintenance, upkeep, and warranty costs.
Mention of a proprietary product name is for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement or warranty to the exclusion of other products.
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It presents clearcut procedures that yield concrete reconstructions with a built-in warranty of high reliability, and it is uniquely well suited to distinguishing genetic inheritance from contact phenomena.
This fund would be deposited in order to ensure that an agent could fulfil its financial obligations and liabilities and it would represent a warranty for the counterparties.
The vision, on the one hand, yields warranty to monarchy on earth as an exemplar of how the very cosmos has come into being and how it retains its form.
Almost any household appliance bought by the housewife is likely to be affected by a misleading guarantee or warranty.
There are two parties; there is a financial consideration; there are governing conditions, and warranties.
The first is that no other lender of money is ever required to give a warranty of the security on which he lends money.
Under the law a breach of warranty in a contract of insurance automatically entitles the insurer to repudiate the policy.





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