He was sentenced to a 150-year prison term for cheating thousands of ordinary people out of their savings.
The government”s term of office (= the period in which they have power) expires at the end of the year.

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a word or expression used in relation to a particular subject, often to describe something official or technical:
She told him what she thought of his behaviour in no uncertain terms (= she made her disapproval very clear).

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a word or expression used in relation to a particular subject, often for something official or technical:
legal/medical/technical term Labor negotiations had reached an “impasse,” a legal term in labor law.
Employers know that if they do not offer attractive terms and conditions, they cannot expect to recruit the best.
under the terms of an agreement/a contract/a deal Under the terms of the merger agreement, the company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the larger firm.

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on attractive/favourable/good terms The South Africans rescheduled Mozambique”s debt on favourable terms.
used to describe the real level or amount of something, when you consider all the things that affect it, especially inflation:
Hence, it is difficult to explain why players would conceive of the simultaneous move game in sequential terms.
Order is maintained by two means: direct management of the relations of the players and indirect structuring of the terms of play.
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At the outer edges of the plume, however, the production and destruction terms rapidly approach zero and advection and transport balance each other.
Qualitative researchers have also recognized the problem of hierarchical, nested levels of context, even if they have not expressed the problem in those terms.
Regrettably, the term “model” is used in far too many ways in both scientific and philosophical parlance.
This is because their phonetic ability is low and their functional knowledge (in terms of the recoverability principle) is not yet developed.





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