Such relaxation of state monopoly control of telecommunications as occurred was mainly in” communications” areas lying between telecoms and computers.

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European nations” telecoms continued to depend on a consensual grouping of a few powerful interests.
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Given the divergent interests of computer equipment producers and telecoms equipment producers concerning trade liberalization, the equipment producers could not organise strong support for reform.
The telecoms and defence of officials usually preferred to buy from a small group of two or three national companies.
The organisational separation of telecoms services from postal services had begun to result in a more market-oriented outlook.
The most prominent “consultants” used by businesses to “position themselves” were game theorists hired by the large telecoms.
The method could be taken further if specific requirements were needed and technical variety (telecom for instance) was introduced.
The greater propensity of telecom than electricity for international cooperation also derives from the constraints on trade in electricity.
Differences in the governance regime for telecom and electricity are explained by a state-centered multi-level approach.
While one should not overemphasize the power of outsiders, the threat of environmental legislation also made the electricity establishment more politically vulnerable than telecom.

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In both telecom and electricity the major consumers are businesses, and they are affected by the levels of tariffs and services.


someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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