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support /sə”pɔ:t/ danh từ sự ủng hộto give support to somebody: ủng hộ aito require support: cần được sự ủng hộto speak in support of somebody: phát biểu ý kiến ủng hộ ai người ủng hộthe chief support of the cause: người ủng hộ chính của sự nghiệp người nhờ cậy, nơi nương tựa, cột trụ (của gia đình…); nguồn sinh sốngthe sole support of one”s old age: người nhờ cậy độc nhất trong lúc tuổi gìa vật chống, cột chống ngoại động từ chống, đỡ truyền sức mạnh, khuyến khíchwhat supported him was hope: điều khuyến khích anh ta là nguồn hy vọng chịu đựng, dung thứto support fatigue well: chịu đựng mệt giỏi nuôi nấng, cấp dưỡngto support a family: nuôi nấng gia đình ủng hộto support a policy: ủng hộ một chính sáchto support an institution: ủng hộ (tiền) cho một tổ chức chứng minh, xác minhto support a charge: chứng minh lời kết tội (sân khấu) đóng giỏi (một vai)
chống đỡsupport purchase: mua chống đỡgiúp đỡhậu thuẫnsự ủng hộextensive support: sự ủng hộ rộng rãifinancial support: sự ủng hộ tài chínhtrợ giúpfinancial support: sự trợ giúp tài chínhshort-term monetary support: trợ giúp tiền tệ ngắn hạnủng hộextensive support: sự ủng hộ rộng rãifinancial support: sự ủng hộ tài chínhadministrative support unitđơn vị hỗ trợ hậu cầnaggregate supportsự trợ giáagricultural support policychính sách hỗ trợ nông nghiệpair logistical supportchi viện hậu cần đường khôngchild supportphí nuôi trẻincome supportsự duy trì thu nhậpinstrument support activitieshoạt động hỗ trợ đầu tưmanagement supporthỗ trợ quản lýmeasures to support the marketbiện pháp duy trì giá trị thị trườngmeasures to support the marketđối sách ổn định thị trườngofficial supporthỗ trợ chính thứcprice supportsự trợ giá (của chính phủ đối với nông sản phẩm)price supporttrợ giárate support granttrợ cấp (của nhà nước) cho các chính quyền địa phươngrate support granttrợ cấp hỗ trợ thuếsieve supporthệ thống sàng treosupport areađiểm duy trì. support areagiá duy trìsupport arm pricestrợ giá nông sảnsupport buyingmua có hỗ trợsupport buyingmua được trợ giásupport costsphí tổn hỗ trợsupport farm prices (to…)trợ giá nông sảnsupport levelmức hỗ trợsupport levelngưỡng can thiệp (mức giá hỗ trợ)support mediaphương tiện truyền thông cấp hai o tài trợ, nâng đỡ Đóng góp, thường bằng tiền hoặc diện tích cho một công ty khác để động viên khuyến khích những hoạt động thăm dò. o bệ, đế giá, cột chống § catlyst support : chất màng xúc tác § conduit support : giá đỡ ống § crown support : giá đỡ nón bể chứa § movable tank support : giá đỡ thùng chứa di động § timber support : giá gỗ, cột chống gỗ

Từ điển chuyên ngành Pháp luật

Support: Trợ cấp Hỗ trợ tài chính, theo luật gia đình, để nuôi con và cho người vợ/chồng cũ.

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): support, supporter, supportiveness, support, supportive, supporting, supportively

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): support, supporter, supportiveness, support, supportive, supporting, supportively





Từ điển Collocation

support noun

1 help and encouragement

ADJ. complete, full, total | active, considerable, enthusiastic, firm, generous, good, great, loyal, massive, overwhelming, solid, strong, tremendous, unqualified, wholehearted The socialist candidate enjoys the firm support of local industry. the company”s generous financial support of the arts The poll revealed massive support for the proposal. The plan received strong support from farmers. | unflagging, unstinting, unswerving, unwavering We would like to thank Edna Hales for her unstinting support over the years. | growing, increased, increasing | continued, continuing | broad, community, general, majority, mass, popular, public, wide/widespread The government has lost majority support in the Assembly. | main | limited, lukewarm, qualified My idea only received lukewarm support from my colleagues. | adequate, sufficient | direct, indirect | long-term people who need long-term support at home | personal The proposal has the personal support of the president. | mutual The parents of the sufferers get together for mutual support. | international | Labour, Liberal, etc. | all-party, bipartisan, cross-party | administrative, economic, electoral, emotional, financial, moral, political, practical, technical, etc. She took her sister with her to the interview for moral support. | government, official, state | air, military, naval | price a price support mechanism

VERB + SUPPORT enjoy, have The policy has the support of the community. | derive, draw, get, receive Which groups does the party draw most of its support from? | enlist, find, gain, mobilize, secure, win Campaigners have enlisted the support of their local MP. | attract, cultivate, drum up, muster, rally, recruit, seek, solicit, whip up | give sb/sth, lend (sb/sth), offer (sb/sth), provide (sb/sth with), throw organizations that provide support and advice to small businesses She threw her full support behind him. | lose | cut (off), withdraw | need, require She will need a lot of emotional support at this difficult time. | count on, rely on Can I count on your support? | announce, come out in, confirm, demonstrate, express, pledge, reaffirm, show one of the first scientists to come out in support of ‘The Origin of Species’ Many TV celebrities have already pledged their support to the appeal. | bolster, broaden, build (up), increase, strengthen The government is trying to build popular support for an unwinnable war. | weaken

SUPPORT + VERB come Support came from all sections of the community. | grow, rise Support for the Liberals has risen to 30 per cent. | fall

SUPPORT + NOUN base He had no support base within the party. | group a local support group for single parents | network | services

PREP. in ~ of an intense campaign in support of the proposal | with/without … ~ The pipeline is to be built with international support. | ~ against Farmers mobilized considerable support against government plans to remove import restrictions. | ~ among The party wishes to broaden its support among professionals. | ~ between mutual support between local cooperatives | ~ for The president has expressed his support for the project. | ~ from The policy has broad support from industry.

PHRASES a base of support Fears that instability would return under the Democrats gave the government a broad base of support. | a cut/decline in support, an expression of support The rebel leader claimed to have received expressions of support from all the neighbouring countries. | a lack of support, a source of support

2 money to buy food, clothes, etc.

ADJ. child, family, social | income

VERB + SUPPORT claim Families earning below a certain amount can claim child support.

PHRASES a means of support

3 sth that carries the weight of sb/sth

ADJ. firm | additional, extra | back, knee, etc. | roof

VERB + SUPPORT give sth The piece of wood under the mattress is to give my back extra support.

PHRASES hold onto sb/sth for support He held onto his wife for support as he left the hospital.

Từ điển WordNet


Bạn đang xem: Support là gì

the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities

his support kept the family together

they gave him emotional support during difficult times

aiding the cause or policy or interests of

the president no longer had the support of his own party

they developed a scheme of mutual support

something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest

the policy found little public support

his faith was all the support he needed

the team enjoyed the support of their fans

supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation

the statue stood on a marble support

any device that bears the weight of another thing

there was no place to attach supports for a shelf


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support materially or financially

he does not support his natural children

The scholarship supported me when I was in college

play a subordinate role to (another performer)

Olivier supported Gielgud beautifully in the second act

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. Assistance, such as technical advice provided to customers.vb. To work with another program or product; for example, an application might support file transfers from another program.

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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

支撑价位支撑价位An effective lower bound on prices supported because of many willing buyers at that price level.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

supports|supported|supportingsyn.: aid bolster defend encourage foster help sustainant.: abandon discourage

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