a strong strip of material hanging from the roof of a bus, train, or other public vehicle for passengers to hold onto if they are standing

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to fasten something in position by fastening a narrow piece of leather or other strong material around it:
The final article in this section involved the validation of an automated ” up-timer “, strapped to the patient”s thigh, to enhance measures of mobility and activity.
In addition to the artificial hair colour and glossy body suit, sensors are connected to her limbs and a bulky backpack filled with visible technology is strapped to her back.
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An experienced ballerina was strapped down for a brain-scan: as she watched a video of fellow-dancers, the centres of her brain responsible for movement lit up like lightening.
However, the universities are plainly in a difficult position because they are strapped for cash—they ain”t got any.
To-day we can calm the patient who would otherwise be violent, without strapping him up or locking him up except in the most extreme cases.
If it is properly adjusted, he can carry with ease a load which, when the straps are badly adjusted, will weigh him down.
In aircraft construction it is generally assumed that it is the airframe to which an engine is strapped and to which systems are later attached.
There are people who suffer from disabilities and illnesses which prevent them from being able to strapped in.
Local authorities have been given the opportunity to purchase those areas, but now they are prevented from doing so because they are strapped for cash.
All members of local authorities know how strapped they are for money and how they find it enormously difficult to fulfil their existing obligations.





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