stop by

To stop and spend time at some place or with someone for a brief period of time. You should stop by for one of our poker games, they”re a lot of fun! It was so great to see you, thanks for stopping by!See also: by, stop

stop by (some place)

andstop in (some place)to visit some place, usually briefly. I was coming home, but I decided to stop by my aunt”s on the way. She was very glad that I stopped in.See also: by, stop

stop by

Also, stop in. Pay a brief visit, as in I hope you”ll stop by this afternoon, or He stopped in at Martha”s whenever he came to New York on business. The first term dates from about 1900, the variant from the mid-1800s. See also: by, stop

stop by

v. To interrupt one”s course or journey briefly in order to visit or do business somewhere: I stopped by my friend”s house on the way home from work. On our way to the party, we need to stop by the store and get a gift. Why don”t you stop by sometime for lunch?See also: by, stopSee also:

drop by|drop|stop|stop by


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1. or drop around To make a short or unplanned visit; go on a call or errand; stop at someone”s home. Drop by any time you”re in town. Mv sister dropped around last night. Don”t forget to stop by at the gas station. Synonym: DROP IN. 2. or drop into To stop (somewhere) for a short visit or a short time. We dropped by the club to see if Bill was there, but he wasn”t. I dropped into the drugstore for some toothpaste and a magazine.

stop by

visit, pass by Why don

stop by some place

Idiom(s): stop by (some place) AND stop in (some place)Theme: SOCIALto visit some place, usually briefly.• I was coming home, but I decided to stop by my aunt”s on the way.• She was very glad that I stopped in.
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