a container with holes in the bottom that is put over boiling water in order to cook food in steam, or a machine that cooks food with steam:

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The bare show of pomp and panoply, soldiers and steamers, is not enough, and will only last for the day thereof.
The same applies, though probably to a greater extent, in the case of river transport on launches and steamers.
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There are no deep water berths for large steamers enabling them to come alongside to load or discharge their cargoes.
I listened with great interest to the speeches made as to the condition of steamers and merchant vessels.
German methods of evacuation, and there is apparently for the time being a cessation of submarine attacks on passenger steamers.
I trust that an opportunity will be given to raise, and discuss the question of the utilisation of the interned steamers.
I could also give the case of two steamers which were bought to be broken up in order to give employment, and what happened?
Up to the present moment steamers aggregating something over 6,000 tons have been utilised for this purpose.

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someone who studies astrophysics (= the study of stars and other objects in space using physical laws)

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