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soul /soul/ danh từ linh hồn tâm hồn, tâm tríto throw oneself body and soul into something: để hết tâm trí vào việc gìhe cannot call his soul his own: nó bị người khác khống chế linh hồn, cột trụPresident Ho is the soul of the Party: Hồ chủ tịch là linh hồn của Đảng vĩ nhânthe greatest souls of antiquity: những vĩ nhân của thời xưa hồn, sức sống, sức truyền cảmpicture lucks soul: bức tranh thiếu hồn người, dânwithout meeting a living soul: không thấy một bóng ngườipopulation of a thousand souls: số dân một nghìn ngườia simple soul: người giản dịthe ship was lost with two hundred souls on board: con tàu đã bị đắm với hai trăm hành khách
Lĩnh vực: xây dựngtâm hồnbody and soul: thể xác và tâm hồn


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Từ điển Collocation

soul noun

1 part of sb believed to exist after body is dead

ADJ. immortal | damned | human, individual

VERB + SOUL save Missionaries saw it as their task to save souls. | sell to sell your soul to the Devil

PHRASES the souls of the dead

2 part of sb/sth that shows its true nature

ADJ. very The plea touched him to his very soul. | whole | inner

VERB + SOUL lose In the process of being made into a film, the story seemed to have lost its soul. | bare He bared his soul to her. | search I searched my soul for any malice that could have provoked his words, but found none.

SOUL + NOUN mate

PREP. in your ~ Deep in her soul she knew she had to return to her country.

PHRASES body and soul She gave herself to him body and soul. | heart and soul He gave himself heart and soul to the cause.

3 deep feeling and thought

VERB + SOUL have | lack

PREP. with ~ She sang the song with passion and soul.

4 person

ADJ. little poor little soul | old | good | bad | lost, poor, unfortunate | simple | dear, gentle, kind, kindly a kind old soul | sensitive | brave | romantic | tormented, tortured, troubled | living There was no other living soul to be seen.

PHRASES a soul in torment The dog was howling like a soul in torment. | not be a soul in sight By midnight, there wasn”t a soul in sight.

Từ điển WordNet


the human embodiment of something

the soul of honor

a secular form of gospel that was a major Black musical genre in the 1960s and 1970s

soul was politically significant during the Civil Rights movement

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