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resignation /,rezig”neiʃn/ danh từ sự từ chức; đơn xin từ chứcto send in (tender, give) one”s resignation: đưa đơn xin từ chức sự từ bỏ, sự trao, sự nhường (quyền lợi, hy vọng…) sự cam chịu; sự nhẫn nhụcto accept one”s fate with resignation: cam chịu số phận
Lĩnh vực: điện tử & viễn thôngtừ chứcđơn xin từ chứcsự từ bỏ (một quyền lợi…)sự từ bỏ (một quyền lợi…) sự từ chứcsự từ chứchand in one”s resignationnộp đơn từ chứcresignation without noticethải hồi không thông báo trướcvoluntary resignationsự từ bỏ tự nguyện

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Từ điển Collocation

resignation noun

1 giving up your job; letter of resignation

ADJ. immediate | shock, sudden, surprise, unexpected | forced | mass

VERB + RESIGNATION hand in, submit, tender She handed in her resignation following the dispute over company policy. | announce | withdraw | offer (sb), proffer | threaten | prompt, provoke, lead to The accusation prompted the resignation of the cabminister. | force Illness forced his resignation from the squad. | call for, demand The protesters called for the immediate resignation of the minister. | accept She has refused to accept the resignation of her deputy. | reject

RESIGNATION + VERB be/become effective My resignation is effective from May 1.

RESIGNATION + NOUN letter | announcement His resignation announcement was widely expected. | speech, statement

PREP. ~ as her resignation as party leader | ~ from A scandal led to his resignation from office.

PHRASES a call for sb”s resignation, resignation on (the) grounds of sth She tendered her resignation on grounds of ill health. | a letter of resignation

2 willingness to accept a difficult situation

ADJ. weary

PREP. in ~ Hearing that the train was running late, he sighed in weary resignation. | with ~ She spoke with resignation. | ~ to resignation to fate

PHRASES a look/sigh of resignation

Từ điển WordNet


the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc.)a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign

he submitted his resignation as of next month

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