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Tokyo /Tư lập

早稲田大学 | Waseda University



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Download guidelines for 2021 September Entry from the URL below.School of Political Science and Economics



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The predecessor of Waseda University, Tokyo Senmon Gakko (“Tokyo College”), was established in 1882 with three departments: the Departments of Political Economy, Law and Natural Sciences. The School of Political Science and Economics is a central school of the university, which traces its roots back to the original Department of Political Economy and has developed alongside the university over the years.There are few examples in the world of political science and economics coming together under one school while each maintains its own unique characteristics. This attempt represents the vision of the university’s founders, and their spirit of innovation is still evident in the present day, with current curriculum offerings ranging from basic theory to state-of-the-art courses. Students in both the economics and political science departments are expected to take courses in the other department while pursuing their specialized learning. This will allow them to observe and research the mechanisms of modern society from both political and economic perspectives, as they intertwine in complicated ways in our modern society.A free and open academic culture at The School of Political Science and Economics has cultivated thinkers to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated modern society. Its graduates have gone out into all areas of society, including politics, economics, media, research and education, national and local governments, law, and the arts. In addition, their activities range in scope from those at the local community level to positions at the national and international levels.

The School of Political Science and Economics has established an English-based Degree Program AO Admission. This program’s aim is to nurture individuals to have both a deep understanding of Japanese society based on political science and economics, and also to be able to analyze the problems faced by the world today and contribute to the creation of new regimes.- Systematic and simultaneous learning in two disciplines: economics and political science- Interdisciplinary courses providing an enriching education- Cutting-edge curriculum that is both structured and flexible- A wide offering of small, seminar-type classes in all grades- Japanese learning programs based on level- Extensive career planning support system

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