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pain /pein/ danh từ sự đau đớn, sự đau khổ (thể chất, tinh thần)to have a pain in the head: đau đầu (số nhiều) sự đau đẻ (số nhiều) nỗi khó nhọc công sứcto take pains: bỏ công sức hình phạtpains and penalties: các hình phạton (under) pain of death: sẽ bị xử tử, sẽ bị tội chết (nếu vi phạm cái gì…)to be at the pains of doing something chịu thương chịu khó làm cái gìto give someone a pain in the neck quấy rầy ai, chọc tức ai ngoại động từ làm đau đớn, làm đau khổdoes your tooth pain you?: răng anh có làm anh đau không? nội động từ đau nhức, đau đớnmy arm is paining: tay tôi đang đau nhức đây
Lĩnh vực: y họcđauafter pain: đau đẻbearing down pain: đau rặn (đẻ)dilating pain: đau mở cổ tử cungfulgurant pain: đau nhứcideogenous pain: đau tưởng tượngintense pain: đau nhóilabor pain: đau đẻ đau chuyển dạlightning pain: đau xươngpain spot: điểm đaupain threshold: ngưỡng đaupost pranchial pain: đau sau bữa ănroot pain: đau rễ dây thần kinhthreshold of pain: ngưỡng đauwandering pain: đau di chuyểnLĩnh vực: xây dựngnhứcfulgurant pain: đau nhứccontract under pain of forfeithợp đồng kiểu khoánpain baselớp sơn lótthreshold of painngưỡng chói tai


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Từ điển Collocation

pain noun

1 physical pain

ADJ. acute, agonizing, awful, excruciating, extreme, great, intense, severe, sharp, terrible, unbearable | burning, searing, shooting, stabbing, throbbing She had a burning pain in one eye. | dull, little, slight | chronic, constant, nagging, persistent | sudden | intermittent | physical | abdominal, back, chest, leg, muscle, shoulder, stomach She”s been off work with back pain. He went to the doctor with chest pains. | growing, labour, period

QUANT. spasm, stab

VERB + PAIN be in, be racked with, experience, feel, get, go through, have, suffer (from) He was obviously in a great deal of pain. Can you feel any pain? Marathon runners are used to going through pain. He was taken to hospital suffering from severe abdominal pain. | cause, give sb, inflict His back gives him great pain. It”s wrong to inflict pain on any animal. | increase, make worse | alleviate, control, deaden, do something for, dull, ease, help, kill, relieve, stop Your doctor should be able to do something for the pain. | bear, endure, put up with, stand, take | cry out in, cry with, groan with, scream with | be contorted with, contort in His face was contorted with pain as he crossed the finish line.

PAIN + VERB begin, come The pains began shortly after she started work as a gardener. | shoot through/up A sharp pain shot up his leg. | grow stronger, increase, intensify | disappear, go, stop, wear off Has the pain gone yet? A few hours after he”d had his tooth out, the pain began to wear off. | come back, return

PAIN + NOUN control, relief | threshold

PREP. ~ in a pain in her side

PHRASES aches and pains Eucalyptus oil is good for easing muscular aches and pains. | a cry of pain, a threshold for/of pain I have a very low threshold for pain.

2 unhappiness

ADJ. great, intense, terrible | emotional

VERB + PAIN cause (sb), give sb, inflict Through her drug addiction she had inflicted a lot of pain on the family. | feel, go through | get over It took him several years to get over the pain of losing his job. | ease | spare sb We hoped to spare her the pain of having to meet her attacker. | express | conceal He tried to conceal his pain from her. | bear, endure | be worth The government has to persuade the people that the economic reforms are worth the pain.

Từ điển WordNet

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

pains|pained|painingsyn.: ache discomfort distress hurt irritation pang soreness sufferingant.: pleasure relieve

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