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opinion /ə”pinjən/
danh từ ý kiến, quan điểmin my opinion: theo ý kiến tôia matter of opinion: một vấn đề có thể tranh cãi dư luậnpublic opinion: dư luận, công luận sự đánh giá; (+ phủ định) sự đánh giá caoto have a high opinion of somebody: đánh giá cao người nàoto have no opinion of somebody: không đánh giá ai cao


 ngôn luận


 ý kiếnMOS (mean opinion score metal oxide semiconductor): điểm số ý kiến trung bìnhmean opinion score (MOS): điểm số ý kiến trung bình


 quan điểm


 sự đánh giájury of executive opinion: sự đánh giá của người điều hànhlegal opinion: sự đánh giá về mặt pháp lýqualified opinion: sự đánh giá có bảo lưu


 ý kiến””Except for”” opinion: ý kiến “có ngoại trừ”adverse opinion: ý kiến phủ địnhadverse opinion: ý kiến phản bácadverse opinion: ý kiến trái ngượcadvisory opinion: ý kiến tư vấnaudit opinion: ý kiến kiểm toán viênaudit opinion: ý kiến kiểm toándisclaimer of opinion: không có ý kiếndisclaimer of opinion: việc từ chối đưa ra ý kiếnexpert opinion: ý kiến chuyên gialegal opinion: ý kiến về mặt pháp lýopinion advertising: quảng cáo ý kiếnopinion book: sổ ý kiếnopinion poll: thăm dò ý kiếnopinion survey: điều tra ý kiến (người sử dụng)opinion test: trắc nghiệm ý kiến (về sản phẩm…)public opinion poll: cuộc thăm dò ý kiến quần chúngqualified opinion: ý kiến chấp nhận toàn bộqualified opinion: ý kiến theo tiêu chuẩn


 ý kiến đánh giáaccountant”s opinion


 đánh giá của kế toán viênaccountant”s opinion


 đánh giá của kiểm toán viênopinion leader


 người dẫn dắt dư luậnopinion research


 nghiên cứu dư luậnpublic opinion


 công luậnpublic opinion


 dư luận

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Từ điển Collocation

opinion noun

1 what you think about sb/sth

ADJ. good, high | low, poor | strong | conflicting, different, mixed Opinions are mixed regarding genetically-modified food. | honest If you want my honest opinion, I think the book is awful. | expert, informed, professional | considered | personal, subjective | objective | contrary, dissenting | majority | minority | second If in doubt about your diagnosis, get a second opinion.

VERB + OPINION entertain, have, hold | air, express, give (sb), offer (sb), pass, state, venture, voice The bishop spoke without passing any opinion on the scandal. | ask sb, seek He asked me for my opinion on the course. | get | form I formed the opinion that he was not to be trusted. | change

OPINION + VERB change | differ, vary Opinions differ as to when this wine should be drunk.

PREP. in your ~ In my opinion, golf is a dull sport. | ~ about/on She holds strong opinions on education. | ~ as to opinions as to the merits of the scheme | ~ of He has a very high opinion of your work.

PHRASES be of the opinion that … (formal) (= to believe or think that), a difference of opinion a genuine difference of opinion between the experts | in my humble opinion (humorous), a matter of opinion ‘London is wonderful.’ ‘That”s a matter of opinion.’

2 what people in general think about sth

ADJ. prevailing | general, popular, public Contrary to popular opinion, many adult cats dislike milk. | international, local, national | expert, informed, professional | academic, legal, medical, political

QUANT. body This view is supported by a growing body of professional opinion.

VERB + OPINION mould, shape attempts to shape public opinion

OPINION + VERB be against sth, be in favour of sth Prevailing local opinion is against the new road proposals. | be divided Public opinion is divided on the subject of capital punishment.

OPINION + NOUN poll | former, leader

PREP. ~ among Opinion among doctors is that the medication is safe.

PHRASES climate of opinion in the present climate of opinion | shades of opinion all shades of political opinion

Từ điển WordNet


a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty; sentiment, persuasion, view, thought

my opinion differs from yours

what are your thoughts on Haiti?

a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people; public opinion, popular opinion, vox populi

he asked for a poll of public opinion

a message expressing a belief about something; the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof; view

his opinions appeared frequently on the editorial page

the legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision; legal opinion, judgment, judgement

opinions are usually written by a single judge

the reason for a court”s judgment (as opposed to the decision itself); rulinga vague idea in which some confidence is placed; impression, feeling, belief, notion

his impression of her was favorable

what are your feelings about the crisis?

it strengthened my belief in his sincerity

I had a feeling that she was lying

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

syn.: attitude belief conception conviction estimate feeling idea impression judgment outlook sentiment theory thought view

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