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A nationwide survey of mothers revealed some very interesting things about what mothers want from fathers.
a nationwide chain/network Essential services could still be delivered through a nationwide network of local post offices.

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Businesses nationwide that delayed buying equipment and expanding during the recession are now upgrading.
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There are a variety of studies from different colleges nation-wide that show peer-communication can help increase better study habits tremendously.
Written by her parents, including her journal entries, it is part of a nation-wide school outreach program and ministry.
In the latest nation-wide elections in 2008 it finished second with 26% of the vote, the worst result in the party”s history.
The strategy, supported fully by these parents, has helped the business expand to a nationwide scale.
The report will bring together existing statistics with some newly gathered information in order to give a picture of trends and developments nationwide.
The album quickly spread throughout the punk community, earning the band some nation-wide recognition.
The ministry-released reports state that in 2009 20,953 undergraduate students and 3,526 graduate students entered in universities nation-wide.
A news anchorman is broadcasting over a television in the waiting room about natural disasters occurring nation-wide.





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