A:Many, lots. e.g.”This exam has multiple questions””I have multiple ideas””There are multiple ways to go to town”

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A:The test is multiple choice. You have multiple options to chose from. I have told you multiple times, don’t eat my ice cream! There are multiple ways to solve this problem.
A:Multiple means many, more than 2 or 3 thingsComplex and complicated can mean the same thing: 復雜 – and can used in different contexts. But, “complex” is the opposite of “simple” whereas “complicated” means difficultFor example:“How’s your relationship going?” (Meaning a romantic relationship)“It’s complicated…”(This means that things aren’t going very well, and the current situation is difficult)We would never say “it’s complex” because “it’s complicated” is a set phrase.But these words can also be used in the same context.“Wow, that puzzle ???? is so complicated/complex.”Here, saying “complicated” means that it’s difficult and has multiple or many parts. Saying “complex” here means that the puzzle has many parts but isn’t necessarily difficult.
A:Plural (noun, countable) is a form of a word that shows you are talking about more than one thing, person etc. For example, ‘dogs’ is the plural of ‘dog’ . If plural is an adjective it”s a word or form that shows you are talking about more than one thing, person etc. For example, ‘we’ is a plural pronoun or formal – a plural society, system, or culture is one with people from many different religion, races etc. For example, “Britain has developed into a plural society”.Multiple (noun, countable) is a number that contains a smaller number an exact number of times. For example, multiple store, 20 is a multiple of 5. If multiple is an adjective it uses only before noun and means many, or involving many things, people, events etc. For example, Baxter was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds or Having multiple partners increases your risk of sexual diseases.

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A:multiple” alone means “X” 2 “X” 2 = 4 It also means “a lot””various” means “many different type of something”Example: various types of biscuit
A:“Multiple” just means more than one. Usually it”s used to mean more than two or more than the usual number. For example:”I”m prepared for the test. I have multiple pencils, so that if one breaks I can use the other.””Multitude” means so many you can”t count them. It”s often used like “thousands”, “millions”, “zillions”. For example:”I sat down to take the test and looked at the multitude of questions in front of me, and I thought “I can”t possibly finish this test in an hour”.”

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A:“We have multiple cars out here” means that there could be 10, 30, 50, etc. cars here. “We have various cars out here” means that they have different types of cars, like Fords, Toyotas, etc.

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