mislead sb about sth The advertising campaign intentionally misled consumers about whether the product was natural.

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But the argument from selective refutation can be misleading when it causes us to fail to notice that the surviving hypothesis has its own defects.
Nevertheless, there was less opportunity for readers to be misled when they were learning about memory than when the topic was mental imagery.
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At another level, the omission of fundamental components of the historical narrative can seriously mislead readers.
This places a premium on the reliability of information, and maternal genes may benefit from suppressing misleading information transmitted between sibs.
Why distort and indeed mislead public education and discussion by confusing scientific fact and science fiction?
The rather portentous title of this book neatly describes its topics, except that the term ” postmodern ” is likely to mislead.
Their system aims to find slips in typing or performance errors rather than competence errors; like our system, it will be misled by consistent mistakes.
The size or position of the proposed building may be inaccurate or the way in which the materials or lighting are configured could be misleading.
But the image of a mass-medium is misleading as mass-media are sources of information that are at least to a certain extent controlled.
On closer inspection, however, this comfortably predictable image turns out to be in important respects misleading.

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In any case, all schemata representing concentric circles are misleading (as in discussions of identity).


someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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