There”s no logic in the decision to reduce staff when orders are the highest they have been for years.

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the logic of sth Customers support what we”re doing, because they see the logic of using renewable resources.
actions that a computer performs, such as comparing and matching, that involve simple yes or no choices, rather than more complicated mathematics:
The perspective explains as many institutional aspects as possible by coherent systemic dynamics and logics.
There is a range of proposals for logics (called paraconsistent logics) for reasoning with inconsistency each with pros and cons.
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In practice, and for comparison with other defeasible logics, we can treat the meta-level symbols and as object-level symbols.
Embeddings into logics may also be deep or shallow, with similar trade-offs to those to be considered when embedding into a programming language.
In the case of equivalential reducts of these logics, the problem of the existence of the density of truth is more complicated.
The block presentation (as opposed to the bunch presentation) of logics with mixed substructures provides considerable flexibility within a coherent framework.
Based on the above notions, we will investigate operational semantics for various logics with or without distribution.
Next generalized quantifiers are incorporated into dynamic logics (which formalize anaphoric dependencies in discourse).


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The sparsity of resources within a mobile animal”s domain compels a certain logic, one that all energy-consuming autonomous agents must follow.
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