knock on wood

A superstitious expression said, typically in combination with actually touching or knocking on a wooden object or surface, when one desires something positive to continue, lest the mention of it “jinx” or somehow reverse one”s good fortune. I”ve been driving for 36 years and have never been in an accident. Knock on wood! Hopefully, knock on wood, we”ll continue to avoid sickness this winter.See also: knock, on, wood

knock on wood

to rap on something made of wood. (Said as a wish for good luck. Usually a phrase attached to another statement. Sometime said while knocking or rapping on real wood.) I think I am well at last—knock on wood. I knock on wood when I wish something were true.See also: knock, on, wood

knock on wood

Also, touch wood. Express a wish that something will or will not occur, as in This last round of treatment should have cured her, knock on wood. This expression alludes to an ancient superstition that literally knocking on or touching wood will ward off evil spirits.

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See also: knock, on, wood

knock on wood

Avoid misfortune and/or hope for good luck. This magical formula, put as touch wood in Great Britain, is based on the superstition that touching or rapping on anything wooden will avoid a disaster, especially after one has boasted. “Touch wood, it’s sure to come good,” is the proverbial saying. There may have been an ancient religious significance to the gesture, perhaps from the time of the Druids, who regarded certain trees as sacred, but the precise meaning has been forgotten.See also: knock, on, woodSee also:

knock on wood

knock on something made of wood to keep from having bad luck I don

knock on wood|knock|wood

v. phr. To knock on something made of wood to keep from having bad luck. Many people believe that you will have bad luck if you talk about good luck or brag about something, unless you knock on wood; often used in a joking way. Charles said, “I haven”t been sick all winter.” Grandfather said, “You”d better knock on wood when you say that.”
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