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institution /,insti”tju:ʃn/ danh từ sự thành lập, sự lập sự mở (một cuộc điều tra) cơ quan; trụ sở cơ quan thể chế (thông tục) người quen thuộc, người nổi danh; tổ chức quen thuộc, tổ chức nổi danh (tôn giáo) tổ chức hội (từ thiện…)
cơ quancông sởđơn vịtrường đại họcviện nghiên cứuLĩnh vực: xây dựnghọc việnLĩnh vực: toán & tinsự thành lậpthể chếchế địnhchế độcơ quanarbitral institution: cơ quan trọng tàibusiness institution: cơ quan xí nghiệpfinancial institution: cơ quan tài chínhlending institution: cơ quan cho vaypublic institution: cơ quan công cộng (như trường học, bệnh viện)supreme audit institution: cơ quan kiểm toán tối caocơ sởđịnh chếeconomic institution: định chế kinh tếfinancial institution: định chế tài chínhlending institution: định chế cho vaynon-bank financial institution: định chế tài chính phi ngân hàngnon-financial institution: định chế phi tài chínhprivate financial institution: định chế tài chính tư nhânkiến tậpquán lệquy địnhsự thành lập một tổ chứctập tụcthể chếthiết lậpBritish Standards institutionHiệp hội Đo lường Anh quốcBritish Standards institutionHiệp hội Tiêu chuẩn Anh quốcBritish standard institutionviện tiêu chuẩn Anh quốccredit grantee institutionquỹ bảo đảm tín dụngdeposit-taking institutiontổ chức nhận tiền gửidepository institutionnhân hàng tiền gửieconomic institutioncơ cấu kinh tếfinancial institutionchẳng hạn như ngân hàngfinancial institutionhiệp hội kiến thiếtfinancial institutiontổ chức tài chínhthrift institutioncơ quan, quỹ tiết kiệmthrift institutiontổ chức tiết kiệm



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Từ điển Collocation

institution noun

1 large organization

ADJ. central, major Parliament remains the central institution of the constitution of the United Kingdom. | established | existing They argue for the reform of existing political institutions. | traditional | public | private | government, governmental, state | international, national | local | democratic | academic, administrative, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, financial, legal, lending, political, religious, research cultural institutions such as the Danish Institute

PREP. at a/the ~ a course at an institution of higher education | in/within ~ examination procedures within educational institutions More information about ORGANIZATION
ORGANIZATION: create, establish, form, found, set up, start ~
an association created to promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~ (often law) She sought a court order to have the partnership dissolved.

run ~ He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~ The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~ She became a member of the Society of Arts.

leave ~ The country plans to leave the organization.

2 building for people with special needs

ADJ. mental, penal

VERB + INSTITUTION be admitted to, be placed in Many people with dementia would rather remain at home than be placed in an institution. | be kept in

PREP. at/in ~ patients in mental institutions | ~ for an institution for mentally ill offenders

3 custom

ADJ. national Fish and chips became a national institution in Britain. | cultural, economic, legal, political, religious, social cultural institutions such as religious and legal codes

Từ điển WordNet


an establishment consisting of a building or complex of buildings where an organization for the promotion of some cause is situateda custom that for a long time has been an important feature of some group or society

the institution of marriage

the institution of slavery

he had become an institution in the theater

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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

学会|协会|机构学会,协会,机构An organization, probably very large, engaged in professional investing in securities. Normally a bank, insurance company, or mutual fund.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

institutionssyn.: asylum creation establishment foundation founding initiation innovation insane asylum instauration introduction mental home mental hospital mental institution origination psychiatric hospital

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