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impact /”impækt/ danh từ sự va chạm, sự chạm mạnh; sức va chạmhead-on impact: (vật lý) sự va chạm trực diệnback impact: (vật lý) sự va chạm giật lùi tác động, ảnh hưởng ngoại động từ (+ in, into) đóng chặt vào, lèn chặt vào, nêm chặt vào va mạnh vào, chạm mạnh vào nội động từ va mạnh, chạm mạnh tác động mạnh ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
ảnh hưởngeconomy impact: ảnh hưởng kinh tếimpact effect: ảnh hưởng xung kíchimpact on inflation: ảnh hưởng đối với lạm phátảnh hưởng tác độnghiệu quả (của quảng cáo…)sự đụng chạmtác độngimpact analysis: phân tích tác độngimpact effect: tác động tức thìimpact fee: lệ phí tác độngimpact multiplier: số nhân tác độngimpact of a publicity campaign: tác động của một chiến dịch quảng cáoprofit impact of market strategy: tác động lợi nhuận của chiến lược thị trườngxung độtxung kíchimpact effect: ảnh hưởng xung kíchimpact dayngày công bốimpact effecthiệu quả tăng giáimpact effecttối trực tiếpimpact feeảnh hưởngimpact finishermáy xoa cám kiểu cánh đậpimpact grindermáy nghiền đậpimpact lagsự chậm hiệu quảimpact printermáy in nénimpact scoretỉ lệ người tiếp xúcimpact screensàng rungimpact studynghiên cứu hiệu quảimpact testtrắc nghiệm hiệu quả ngoại động từ o (+ in, into) đóng chặt vào, lèn chặt vào, nêm chặt vào o va mạnh vào, chạm mạnh vào nội động từ o va mạnh, chạm mạnh o tác động mạnh danh từ o nén chặt § fatigue impact : thử nghiệm độ bền, thử nghiệm độ mỏi § raindrop impact : sự xói mòn do mưa rơi § impact wrench : chìa khí nén Chìa vặt làm việc bằng khí, hơi nén.


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Từ điển Collocation

impact noun

1 effect/impression

ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, great, high, huge, important, main, major, massive, powerful, profound, real, significant, strong, substantial, tremendous a high-impact message aimed at changing high risk behaviour among drug-users | limited, marginal, minimal/minimum, negligible | full The industrial north of the country felt the full impact of the recession. | maximum We”ll show you how to dress for maximum impact at the all-important audition. | overall, total | growing, increasing | added | disproportionate | uneven the uneven impact of the debt crisis on developing countries | aggregate, combined, cumulative considering the cumulative impact of a series of damaging events | decisive | direct The railways made a direct physical impact on the landscape. | immediate, instant | initial, short-term | lasting, long-term | far-reaching, wider It is important to appreciate the wider impact and implications of this proposal. | future, likely, possible, potential | beneficial, favourable, positive | adverse, catastrophic, damaging, devastating, disastrous, heavy, negative, serious, severe | human The severest human impact on the dolphins has been the loss of habitat. | personal The personal impact of party leaders has been very important. | physical, visual seeking to reduce the visual impact of wind farms on the landscape | cultural, ecological, economic, emotional, environmental, financial, health, political, psychological, social The environmental impact of power generation is being assessed.

VERB + IMPACT achieve, create, exert, have, make Variations in the interest rate will have an impact on the whole housing market. You certainly made a big impact on Carter. | feel The initial impact of the reforms will be felt most keenly in primary schools. | analyse, assess, consider, evaluate, examine, explore, judge, measure, monitor, study It is difficult to judge the likely impact of the changes on employment patterns. | enhance, increase, maximize | alleviate, cushion, lessen, minimize, reduce, soften We are trying to minimize the impact of price rises on our customers. | diminish, lessen, reduce, weaken Listening to the speech through an interpreter lessened its impact somewhat. | lose When peace returned, the hardline message lost much of its impact. | resist, withstand This section explores how mothers resist the impact of poverty on the health of their children. | be concerned about | appreciate | highlight | address | predict | reflect Architecturally, these churches reflected the impact of the Renaissance.

PREP. under the ~ of Manufacturing fell sharply under the impact of the recession. | ~ on/upon to highlight the impact of technology on working practices

2 act/force of one object hitting another

ADJ. full | initial

VERB + IMPACT take The front coach of the train took the full impact of the crash. | feel | absorb A well-designed sports shoe should absorb the impact on the 28 bones in each foot. | lessen, soften Air bags are designed to soften the impact for crash victims. | survive, withstand The crew of six may have survived the initial impact, but the whole plane went up in flames seconds later.

IMPACT + VERB occur Impact occurred seconds after the pilot signalled for help. | knock sb/sth … The impact knocked him off balance.

IMPACT + NOUN speed | crater Small meteorites have left impact craters all over the planet”s surface.

PREP. on ~ The front of the car had crumpled on impact.

PHRASES the moment/point/time of impact

Từ điển WordNet

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

impacts|impacted|impactingsyn.: brunt bump clash collision crash shock

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