I have a new HP Z800 Workstation, running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. Z800 Specs are here.

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The machine has 4GB of RAM — windows reported 1.99GB available, 2GB was “hardware reserved”. I added another 2 GB and windows reports that there is 6GB of physical RAM, but now 4GB is “hardware reserved”. The BIOS sees the full RAM amount as well.

The video card is an nVidia Quadro FX 580, so it shouldn”t be using any shared memory at all.

Why is all my extra RAM marked as “hardware reserved” in Windows 7?



Turns out that the installed RAM was in an unsupported config — On this machine, if you install 2GB chips, they have to be installed in triple, as referenced here (pdf).

Its interesting to note that Windows saw the memory, but it was rendered not usable and marked as “hardware reserved”.

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Ouch, sad to hear about the re-install.

There is a great Mark Russinovich Blog post that explains how windows uses physical memory.

Hardware devices can reserve large blocks of physical address space… To see if a piece of hardware is reserving a large chunk of physical address space, launch “devmgmt.msc”, select Resources by Connection in the View Menu, and expand the Memory node. (Mark”s blog explains this further.)

Even though your video card has onboard, fast, dedicated video memory, Windows still has to address and interact with that memory using the same physical memory addressing that is uses for RAM, PCI devices and other devices. This can crowd the physical address space. 64 bit OS should cope better with this than a 32 bit OS, but its hands may still be tied some device requirements.(My Dell has 700 MB hardware reserved on Win7x64. It”s not nearly as bad as your issue, but still annoying.)

As a final thought, you bought it new from a major vendor, you should be able to get a support from them, and ask them about the issue. They can often get to the bottom of this sort of issue much faster than searching around on the internet, and you”ve already paid for this service.

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Edit: this SO question may be related to your issue, and there is another good explanation of the how memory-mapped IO reservations can reduce the usable RAM. Again, this may not be exactly the problem you are facing, but those blogs tell you how you can determine if it is.

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