fair and square

Completely fair(ly); without any unfair methods. No, I won that round fair and square—no rematch! See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

completely fair(ly); justly; within the rules. She won the game fair and square. The division of the money should be fair and square. See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

Just and honest, as in He won the race fair and square. This redundant expression- fair and square mean essentially the same thing-probably owes its long life to its rhyme. See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

If someone wins a competition or does something fair and square, they do it without cheating or lying. I was beaten fair and square. My father bought them fair and square fifty years ago. We”ve still got the receipts. See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

1 with absolute accuracy. 2 honestly and straight-forwardly.See also: and, fair, square

fair and ˈsquare

(also fairly and ˈsquarely)
1 completely and fully: They were the better team and they beat us fair and square.
2 directly and with force: I hit him fair and square on the chin. See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

Just and honest.See also: and, fair, square

fair and square

Just and unequivocal. This expression, recorded since the early seventeenth century, owes its appeal to its rhyme and has survived despite its tautology (“square” here means the same as “fair,” surviving in such phrases as “a square deal”). “You are fair and square in all your dealings,” wrote William Wycherley (The Gentleman Dancing Master, 1673). See also: and, fair, squareSee also:for fairbe fairbe fair!with (one”s) own fair handsbid fairmake fair weatherfair upfairedfairingfair off

do sth fair and square

Idiom(s): do sth fair and square
to do something fairly.
• He always plays the game fair and square.
• I try to treat all people fair and square.

fair and square

honestly, just, straightforward The British team won the game fair and square but still the other team complained.

fair and square|fair|square

adv. phr., informal Without cheating; honestly. He won the game fair and square.

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