A:Eager is a word used for expressing a strong wanting to do or be something.. for example: After the test he was EAGER to see his results if you have any other problem.. don”t hesitate to ask

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A:Eager can mean excited or ready to do something. *He was eager to finish his essay. *She was eager about starting her new job.
A:Eager is an adjective for describing a person.It means that the person strongly wants to do something, is highly motivated to do something, or even can”t wait to do something. You can also say that they are “itching” or “yearning” to do something–although “yearning” is a little poetic not so common in normal conversation.Some common expressions with “eager.”1. Eager to please 人を楽しませる(満足させる)のに一生懸命2. To wait eagerly for something しきりに待つ3. Never be too eager for praiseBeing eager is generally a good thing, but it can also be negative if you are “over-eager.”Hope this is helpful 🙂
A:Some times when people say eager, it has more negative context over excited. That”s when you use it in a conversational aspect. Going back to the sentence, “She”s eager to please.” That could mean she”s trying too hard. Over, “she”s excited to please.” That has a more positive context of her wanting to please people.
A:Anxious = preocupação, ansiedade. Ex. I am anxious/nervous/worried about the exams.Eager = quando vc quer dizer que tem muito interesse, está empolgada sobre alguma coisa. Ex. I eager to learn English. Look forward = também tem a mesma ideia de “eager” mas você utiliza para situações que ainda vai acontecer. Ex. I am looking forward to meeting you; I am looking forward to Christmas.
A:eager is when you”re more excited or looking forward to something. (I”m eager for the homecoming dance this weekend.) anxious is when you”re more nervous and uneasy. (the football players were all very anxious about this weekend”s homecoming game.)

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A:“Eager” implies right away. In other words, you cannot wait to do something.If you would “love to” do something, it means you would enjoy doing it, but has nothing to say about how soon you would like to do it.I would love to be a grandparent.
A:No difference in meaning really. Could use the words interchangeably without confusion. Eager would be more emotional based and something you want to do soon. 1. I am eager to go abroad. Keen: having an interest over a longer period. 2. I am a keen gardener.

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