English translation: administration agency, non income-generating administration agency, income-generating administration

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11:56 Jan 23, 2007
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Vietnamese term or phrase: đơn vị hành chính, đơn vị hành chính sự nghiệp, đơn vị sự nghiệp có thu
Please help with those “terms”. Thanks


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English translation:administration agency, non income-generating administration agency, income-generating administration

Explanation:Although “unit” might be the most literal translation for “don vi”, in other countries people prefer establishment/agency/department to go with administration. “Unit” implies parts of a wider system.As for the two different types of administration agencies, I support the use of non income-generating and income-generating. Usually the terms non income-generating do not need to be there.


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Thank you all for your help. I think we are almost there…2 KudoZ points were awarded for this answer

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Summary of answers provided

5administrative unit, not-for-profit administrative unit, for-profit administrative unitShane Wall


4administration agency, non income-generating administration agency, income-generating administrationJack Nguyen



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Explanation:Last term is “income-generating/earning professional/non-business units” – not enough space for me to fit in the target term box!Anh PhanAustraliaLocal time: 22:48Works in fieldNative speaker of: Vietnamese

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