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discretion /dis”kreʃn/ danh từ sự tự do làm theo ý mìnhat discretion: tuỳ ý, mặc ý, không điều kiệnto surrender at discretion: đầu hàng không điều kiệnat the discretion of…

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sự thận trọngto act with discretion: hành động thận trọng sự suy xét khôn ngoanyears of discretion; age of discretion: tuổi khôn, tuổi biết suy nghĩ rồi (ở Anh 14 tuổi)discrestion is the better part of valour(đùa cợt) lúc lâm nguy đánh bài chuồn là thượng sách (chế những anh hèn)
quyền tự ý định đoạtquyền tùy nghilimited discretion: quyền tùy nghi hữu hạnsự tự do làm theo ý mìnhtùy nghidiscretion income: thu nhập tùy nghifractional discretion order: lệnh (cho) tùy nghi phần lẻlimited discretion: quyền tùy nghi hữu hạndiscretion incomethu nhập tùy ýmanagement discretionquyền hạn xử lý của nhân viên quản lý





Từ điển Collocation

discretion noun

1 freedom to make decisions

ADJ. considerable, full, greater, more, wide | absolute, complete, unfettered The school governors have absolute discretion over which pupils they admit. | executive, judicial, management/managerial, personal, professional The president used his executive discretion to pardon the two men.

VERB + DISCRETION exercise, have, use The police exercise discretion in the area of minor traffic offences. | give sb They would like local authorities to be given greater discretion as to how the money is spent. | leave sth to ‘Do you want me to do the job myself or hire a photographer?’ ‘I leave it to your discretion.’

PREP. at sb”s ~ Bail is granted at the discretion of the court. There is no service charge and tipping is at your discretion. | ~ about We have discretion about how much to charge. | ~ as to She has considerable discretion as to how the money is spent. | ~ over giving judges more discretion over sentencing

PHRASES the exercise/operation of discretion

2 being discreet

ADJ. great, the utmost

VERB + DISCRETION call for, need, require This case calls for the utmost discretion. | rely on This is confidential, but I know that I can rely on your discretion.

PREP. with ~ to conduct enquiries with discretion.

PHRASES a lack of discretion, a need for discretion

Từ điển WordNet


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freedom to act or judge on one”s own

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

Freedom given to the floor broker by an investor to use his judgment regarding the execution of an order. Discretion can be limited, as in the case of a limit order that gives the floor broker 1/8 or 1/4 point from the stated limit price to use his judgement in executing the order. Discretion can also be unlimited, as in the case of a market-not-held order. See also: Market Not Held Order.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

syn.: circumspection delicacy discernment discreetness free will prudence

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