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dinner /”dinə/ danh từ bữa cơm (trưa, chiều)to be at dinner: đang ăn cơmto go out to dinner: đi ăn cơm khách; đi ăn hiệu tiệc, tiệc chiêu đãito give a dinner: thết tiệc
bữa ănready-cooked dinner: bữa ăn nấu sẵnbitter dinner winesự gây đắng của rượu vangdinner biscuitbánh quy khô ăn chiềudinner rollbánh ăn trưa


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Từ điển Collocation

dinner noun

1 main meal of the day

ADJ. delicious, excellent, good, slap-up, sumptuous We were treated to a slap-up meal with every kind of seafood imaginable. | four-course, three-course, etc. | leisurely | candlelit, romantic | intimate, quiet | Christmas, Sunday | school | convenience, TV (= eaten while sitting watching the TV) | chicken, seafood, turkey, etc.

DINNER + NOUN table There was never much conversation at the dinner table in my family. | things We didn”t wash up the dinner things until the morning after. | plates, service a bone-china dinner service | menu The school dinner menu always includes a balance of food types. | bell | money I always forgot to take my dinner money to school. | dance the society”s annual dinner dance More information about MEAL

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MEAL: eat, have, take (formal)~ Have you had breakfast?

grab, snatch ~ I”m so busy I have to snatch meals when I can.

ask sb to ~ have/invite/take sb for/to ~ come/go for/to ~ He wouldn”t have asked her to supper if he didn”t like her, she reasoned.

These verbs are often used with around, out, over and round: We must have you over for dinner sometime. Let”s go out for a meal.

be out to lunch He”s out to lunch with a client.

stop for ~ We stopped for tea at the Ritz.

join sb for, stay for/to ~ You”re sure you wont stay for tea?

sit down to, start ~ finish ~ We had just sat down to breakfast when the phone rang.

skip ~ I sometimes skip lunch if we”re very busy.

cook (sb), fix (sb), get ready, make (sb), prepare ~ She hurried downstairs to fix herself some breakfast.

have ~ ready We”ll have supper ready for you.

serve ~ Lunch is served from noon till 3.

keep warm, warm up ~ I”ll be home late, so keep my dinner warm.

provide, provide sb (with) ~ Dinner is provided in the superb hotel restaurant.

~ be available A four course dinner is available by prior arrangement.

~ be ready ‘Breakfast”s ready!’ shouted Christine.

~ time The family was always noisy at meal times.

at/during/over ~ Nobody spoke during supper.

for ~ What did you have for lunch?

~ of a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup

2 formal evening occasion, with dinner

ADJ. elegant, lavish | formal, official | informal | annual The rugby club”s annual dinner is this week. | anniversary, celebratory | farewell | awards, prize-giving | charity, fund-raising | gala A gala dinner was held to celebrate the world premiere of the film. | literary | state A state dinner was held in honour of the visiting Japanese premier.

VERB + DINNER give, hold, throw My old school is giving a fund-raising dinner | attend We”re going to attend a formal dinner in aid of cancer research. | be invited to | change for, dress for Are we expected to dress for dinner? | speak at The former Olympic champion was invited to speak at a charity dinner.

DINNER + NOUN party They invited three couples to a dinner party at their house. | engagement | dance | guests | jacket, suit

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