A:“Eloquent” means especially fluent, formal or well-spoken.”Diligent” means conscientious or hard-working.

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A:Examples: • Diligent workers take their time.• She listened diligently.• We all know he is a diligent writer.(Most people will just use the word ‘careful’.)
A:Diligent means steady effort. John is a diligent worker.Prudent means wise, careful. It’s prudent to save money in case of future hardships.
A:Diligent its an adjective that exposes extreme care about something done, for example a well done task (in working context) would be a diligent one. Meanwhile the meaning of earnest reside on how much conviction or pasion you put into somenthing. Both could be used to appeal someone”s work. Also diligent, can be used just to magnifies somone”s desire to acomplish somethig even if doesn”t fulfil its actual meaning, being used only as a compliment.
A:Diligent means showing great care and working hard. For example “Sarah is diligently learning how to speak Japanese ” can imply patience. Patient means able to accept problems or delays with out getting angry or upset. For example ” Sarah was patient helping her little brother”
A:diligent” means working with careful attention to detail in order to do a thorough job and not miss anything. “industrious” means working hard and being productive
A:“Hard-working” is the more general of the two, and it”s often used to refer to people in work (e.g. earning a wage or salary). “Diligent” means that someone is hard-working and conscientious, but that person can be a pupil, student, parent — i.e. not necessarily someone who”s getting paid to do something. 🙂
Q:Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? I think you”re so diligent. I should also work out but I”ve been living the life which is far from work out these days.너는 정말 부지런한 것 같아. 나도 운동을 해야 하는데 요즘 운동과는 거리가 먼 생활을 하고 있어.

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A: I think it should be like this:”I think you”re so diligent. I should work out too, but my life is just too far from doing work out these days.”
Q: She and he are both diligent student, and they are good at speaking, reading, writing in English all. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A:She and him are both diligent students, and they are adept in speaking, reading, and writing all in English.
Q: Japanese are not born diligent but their life style and cultures has made them diligent. Historically, Japanese have lived in the farming society that requires industrious men and women to do the task, following an adequate schedule for a good result. This tendency still remains in Japan today. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A:just two minor corrections:-lifestyle and cultures HAVE made them diligent.-Historically, THE Japaneseother than that great job.
Q: She is persistent and diligent and constantly thinking and improving. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
Q: She look like short and thin but she is a diligent and strong person.Once you have retired, you will bring her to travel around Australia.She must be very happy and love you more. cái này nghe có tự nhiên không?
A:She looks short and skinny bit she is very diligent and strong. When you retire you (meaning you two) can travel all around Australia. She must be very happy and love you very much.

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