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In sum, the efficacy of ” anti-economic ” deployments of money as ” oppositional ideology ” is rendered here as a double negative.
Experience of other deployments may independently be associated with psychological symptoms, but these data do not support the ” stress inoculation ” hypothesis.
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Information on the marginal costs of individual deployments could not be provided without disproportionate cost.
Generally the deployments were for only very limited periods, sometimes less than an hour, during the week in question.
Of these, 133 are surplus agreed for disposal; 257 are allocated for deployments or individual moves; 340 are awaiting works/modernisation and 14 await furnishings.
Details of such deployments are not recorded centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.
We are closely examining our future requirements for strategic and tactical airlift to support our deployments.
Such short-term deployments are not included in the calculation of emergency tour plot intervals and do not affect the previous estimate for 1993–94.
We have had to cancel some of these deployments this year as a result of cash problems in our budget.


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They believed that there would be forward deployment of forces from current member states into the territory of new members, something that is not necessary.

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They can develop complex embedded systems designs, starting with the initial concept and taking them through to full deployment on the production target.
This approach allows faster initial deployment, but maintenance of the application becomes cumbersome with a growing number of cases.
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