The other two items on each sheet were chosen from among a rabbit, a cat, an apple, a bird, and a daisy.

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He would always arrive fresh as a daisy from the other side of the world, his stamina shaming younger colleagues who had travelled far shorter distances.
The speaker asks the “slight” daisy, “thou little veil for so great a mystery,” when she, the poet, might “penetrate all things and thee” (1, 6, 7).
Furthermore, texting and indeed phone conversation is just as much a technology, a skill, recourse for poetry and love, as is a daisy or a mountain.
The “flour” in this case, which is characterised as both a beautiful hollyhock (passerose) and a daisy (marguerite) whiter than any swan, seems to refer to the bride.
It is a flower like a daisy, and its use is that from it is made a powder which is deadly to the malarial mosquito.
One is gazumping and gazundering; the second is the whole question of daisy chains, as they are called in the property market.


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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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