not healthy enough for hard physical exercise, as a result of not taking part in sport or other physical activities
to train or influence a person or animal mentally so that they do or expect a particular thing without thinking about it:
in/under good, poor, etc. conditions Many of the goods are produced by child workers working in appalling conditions.

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attach/impose/set conditions We”re not in a position to set any conditions – we”ll have to accept what they offer.
agree to/comply with/meet conditions They felt that they had complied with all the conditions of the agreement.
Ms Russ told the hearing she was unhappy that the job had not been completed by July 31, which it was claimed was a condition of the contract.
as a condition for/of sth As a condition of yesterday”s approval, the EU Competition Commissioner insisted the state aid must not be used to subsidize other commercial activities.

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condition for sth A strong local business base is a necessary condition for the economic future of the area.
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The judgement scores were significantly higher than the revision scores in both conditions for all child groups.


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This type served as the baseline condition against which the following sentence types were compared.
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