The consumption of beer through canteens at home was for the last year approximately one and a half million barrels.

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I think it should be possible for the needs of the workers to be met in many cases by works canteens.
Out of 140 collieries employing 50 persons or more, 120 have canteens in operation, and 6 have canteens under construction or in preparation.
The scale of allowances of food to pithead canteens provides sufficient variety for preparing food and satisfactory meals.
I am advised that the rations for miners, together with the food provided for their canteens, are nutritionally sufficient for their needs.
Cannot canteens, barracks, camps, hostels and other public places be induced to put on one meal a week of herring?
There are canteens in the camps from which sweets and some tobacco can be purchased, but stocks are very limited.
In addition to the usual rations, food is provided in works” canteens to meet the special needs of heavy workers.


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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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