the metal parts at the front and back of a train or at the end of a track, that help protect the train and reduce damage if the train hits something

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an extra supply of materials that a company keeps in order to prevent a situation where none are available:
When a computer buffers information or buffers, it stores information temporarily in its memory while dealing with it or sending it.
someone or something that provides protection against difficult situations, problems, angry people, etc.:
a buffer against sth A special committee was formed to serve as a buffer against customer complaints.

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a buffer between sth and sth HR was called in to act as a buffer between managers and disgruntled employees.
the part of a computer”s memory that temporarily stores information before exchanging it with another piece of equipment such as a printer, keyboard, or external drive
In both yeast and nematodes, the ability of a gene to buffer the loss of its duplicate declines over time as their functional overlap decreases.
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The pellet was resuspended in buffer and after 40 minutes this suspension was centrifuged as before.
Upon centrifugation, the pellet, containing cellular matrix, was resuspended in high salt buffer to release cytoskeleton-associated components.
We apply the same algorithm, not to the brightness values in the frame-buffer, but to the distance values in the z-buffer.
They have the same internal layout as the ground floor, but do not need the buffer zone of the garden to maintain their privacy.
Once the processes that buffer children”s risk against victimization are understood, they may be incorporated into intervention programs that will benefit both boys and girls.
The importance of buffer strips has long been recognised, especially for filtering sediment and other forms of pollutants from entering streams, thus maintaining water quality.





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