The regression equation relating the two measures is: number of cortical neurons (in billions) 5.583 0.006 (cm3 brain volume).

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To use a simile, history is like a collection of billions of equations (causal chains) that are all dependent upon each other.
We have to establish the principal mechanism of cell”s behaviour in permafrost conditions, that probably might work for billions of years.
First, transgenic crops have a high potential for social good – literally improving the lives of billions of people.
They include many beneficial and deleterious species, the latter associated with billions of dollars” worth of agricultural losses annually.
After four decades and tens of billions of dollars, pounds, yen, and roubles, this is an odd place to be.
If habitable planets exist in these systems, then their orbits should stay put for billions of years.
They are considered primordial grains and seeds of interplanetary dust ; because of their extreme stability and inertness they remained unaltered for billions of years.
They are, we assume, members of a highly evolved species, consisting of many individuals (billions, at least), each with relatively small brains.
They claim that if successful it will not only save billions of dollars in space launches but will also prove to be more environmentally friendly.
The set of consequences to the end of history of any event is therefore likely to include billions or more discrete events.
Our knowledge of this world, with its massive evils that have affected billions of causal chains to the end of history, is minuscule.

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The idea that you can index billions of pages and look for a word and get what you want is quite a trick.
No science addresses the challenge of understanding a football match on the basis of the activity of billions of physical particles.
miliard, Forma ta – pierwotnie amerykańska – rozszerzyła się na wiele krajów. Również w języku polskim spotyka się coraz częściej słowo bilion w znaczeniu “tysiąc milionów”…


someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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