knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience:

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customer/public/consumer awareness Assessment procedures reveal how effectively the brand translates customer awareness into purchases and retention.
awareness of sth Recent campaigns have led to a dramatic increase in awareness of environmental issues.
build/increase/raise awareness The guidelines are an important tool for raising awareness about current management thinking.
increasing/growing/heightened awareness Employees are using a heightened awareness of work flow and demand to cut waste, eliminate cost, and boost quality.

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The present continually reinforces the memorized auditory data and demands a new kind of auditory awareness.
Also, the practicalities of recruiting might be problematic and, once recruited, increased awareness of macromastia may further bias the group”s usefulness as a comparator.
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The mind is taught not to direct the body, but to be in a state of harmonious awareness parallel with the body”s natural movements.
Thus, morphological awareness tended to progress in a clear developmental pattern in relation to spelling of morphemes indicating past tense.
This possibility was not eliminated by the phonemic awareness tasks used here because our participants were not required to respond quickly to those tasks.
Given these varied findings, in the present study we sought to measure general phonological processing using tasks of speeded naming, nonword repetition, and phonological awareness.
The degree of critical awareness that we believe intelligent international actors should acquire might appear to be a tall order.
These controls address the potential confound of verbal intelligence, which is plausibly related to measures of linguistic awareness and to reading.
Thus, studies that control for both phonological awareness and verbal and nonverbal intelligence are needed.
However, awareness of these various research areas could be useful in providing support tools within a computer-based music system.
Patients in “minimally conscious states” are awake but have only partial preservation of awareness and responsiveness.
These areas otherwise contribute to the production of emotion, cognition, and somatosensory awareness.
One child, for example, may have a core deficit in phonological awareness but strong listening comprehension and oral vocabulary.


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This is the stress caused by an acute awareness of the potential damage to a patient resulting from errors in treatment.
As part of the suggested awareness campaign, we should also look at the possibility of funding the promotion of seafaring at secondary-school level.
Viewers were then able to use this relational information to guide further search behavior even in the absence of conscious awareness of the information.
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