all at once

1. Simultaneously. Don”t answer all at once. One at a time, please.2. Suddenly and without warning. All at once, Henry began feeling sick.See also: all, once

all at once


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Lit. all at the same time. The entire group spoke all at once. 2.

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Fig. suddenly. All at once the little girl fell out of her chair.See also: all, once

all at once

1. All at the same time, as in We can”t get inside all at once, so please wait your turn. 2. Suddenly, unexpectedly, as in All at once the sky darkened. For a synonym, see all of a sudden. See also: all, once

ˌall at ˈonce

suddenly: All at once it began to rain.See also: all, onceSee also:

all at once

suddenly, without warning All at once the fire alarm rang so we had to leave the building.

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all at once|all|once

adv. phr. 1. At the same time; together. The teacher told the children to talk one at a time; if they all talked at one time, she could not understand them. Bill can play the piano, sing, and lead his orchestra all at once. 2. or all of a sudden Without warning; abruptly; suddenly; unexpectedly. All at once we heard a shot and the soldier fell to the ground. All of a sudden the ship struck a rock. Compare: AT ONCE.
alkied alkied (up) alkied up alky all all (a)round all (one’s) Christmases have come at once all (one’s) eggs in one basket all (one’s) geese are swans all (one’s) life is worth all (one’s) life’s worth all (one’s) taste is in (one’s) mouth all (other) things being equal all (that) meat and no potatoes all (the) one all able-bodied people all aboard all agog all along all along the line all along/down the line all and some all and sundry all around Robin Hood’s barn all around town all at once all at sea all balled up all bark and no bite all being well all bets are off all better all better (now) all brawn and no brain all but all by (one’s) lonesome all by lonesome all cats are gray after dark/at night all cats are gray at night all cats are gray by night all cats are gray in the dark all cats are grey in the dark all comers all corners of the earth all corners of the world all correct all cry and no wool all day and every day all day long all done with mirrors all downhill from here air one”s dirty linen in public air shuttle airbus airquake albatross around one”s neck alive and kicking alive with all along all at once all better all but all ears all eyes all gone all hours all in all in a day”s work
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