Find apartment for rent in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill Hanoi, view best luxury furnished, serviced apartment rental listings including 1-4 bedroom residences to rent with real photos. Times City Park Hill Premium has Pool, Gym, Mega Mall etc. Let’s our best Agents find your dream home at no fee.

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Building Overview:

Search Apartments to rent in Vinhomes Times City and Park Hill Premium including thousand luxury furnished and serviced apartments with well-equipped and modern furniture, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. All apartments are modern designed, fully nature light, beautiful landscape view. This urban complexes divided into several functional areas including: large simming pool, Gym, garden, luxury condos system, high -class commercial center , giant park and entertainment, restaurants system, the biggest aquarium in Hanoi, unique indoor skating rink, general hospital, schools, international standard kindergartens, string of green parks and lakes across 100.000m2, modern nourishing garden…, Times City Park Hill became an important factor, wake up potential and contribute to change the face of south area of the capital and bring your family a young, modern and perfect living space in Hanoi.

Serviced Apts in Times City – Park Hill by Vinhomes Group

Vinhomes Times City Park Hill built based on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture style of Singapore island country, It is a luxury and high-class combination in Hanoi where your friends and family can enjoy a comfortable and perfect life.

Especially, Vinhomes Times City Park Hill investment is developed health systems, high quality education for the purpose of complete, self-contained system of utility projects , giving residents a real living space perfection. Accordingly, inter Vinschool school system from preschool level to the end of secondary school, activities with educational philosophy for holistic development of students from the first year of life, refined, skillful combination the essence of education in the country, offers an excellent education Vietnamese, where they are equipped with the necessary qualities to become ” global citizens ” but still maintain identity Vietnam and soul.In addition, the International Hospital Vinmec – world-class hospitals located in Times City urban area with more than 600 clinics and inpatient boarding closed, invested with full facilities, highest class equipment and modern perfect services bring to Times City residents a professional health care, the opportunity to secure the beneficiaries of health services high quality, world class.With the combination of harmony and unique interference between European architectural styles and modern Asian characteristics, Times City promises to become an modern urban helping to change the face region south of the capital and bring your family living space youthful , modern and perfect .Times City – Park Hill Hanoi is located in main southeast gateway of Hanoi, very near Vinh Tuy Bridge and connected to the city center by modern highway system, Times City has the most prime location in the region. The appearance of Times City with a series of modern works like a new vitality, create new look for homeland. Utilities Green park Green campus wide 100.000 m2 and a sky garden system on roofs of the buildings were designed and arranged in harmonious to bring residents of the green space, airy and peaceful.The VinMec international hospital With 500 rooms, comfortable, luxurious and high technology, VinMec hospital promises to become a trust address for the people. International schools System of pre-schools and high schools reach the international standard at the Times City will ensure the optimal conditions for future generations of your family learning and development.Sport club and recreation area At Times City, there is an outdoor stadium system with tennis court, badminton court, volleyball court… where you experience your passion with the full cheery sports. In addition, Times City also has an indoor skating rink, bowling; 3D-4D cinemas… where your family can relax at weekend.Gym & Spa A large gym system will be equipped fully with modern machinery and equipment to bring residents the comfortable practice space .After hours of working, residents of Times City can release in fresh four seasons swimming pool or relax in order to “refresh” at the spa .Transport system From the Times City, residents can move into the city center by taxi with less than 10 minutes, through the western gateway to Ha Dong District, Cau Giay District by highway system; through Vinh Tuy bridge to the East Coast of the Red River City, or easily move into Giai Phong Street in minutes by bus, taxi, car, motorcycle …The Times City Park Hill Hanoi: Residences and Apartments for rent in HanoiWith a total land area of up to 74.204 m2, Times City is designed to meet the housing needs of residents.The Apartment buildings in the City Times Hanoi unique design, impressive style of modern architecture combined with Western layout, exquisite, meticulously arranged way of equipment and systems, internal interior creating the perfect living space, ideal.With all available interior wall systems provided by the Investor, luxury, modern apartments in each Building in Times City, residents experience a comfortable life and safety. Each apartment at Times City Hanoi also used center hot water systems of the building, the system is equipped with visual bell at the door, …At each building includes a automatic barrier system definitely up to the basement, lobby and hallways are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation of the building, luxury in the world. In addition, the apartments at Times City Hanoi is also equipped with a cable TV system with many international channels, backup generator 100%, high-speed Internet connection and smooth communication system.Times City Hanoi offer a thousand luxury apartments and serviced apartments for rent and sales, It is well design to maximize the performance and utility of the advanced equipment system, perfect service system and bring your family an ideal living environment.

Vinhomes Times City Park Hill – Serviced apartments in Hanoi

Vinhomes Times City – Park Hill serviced apartments are being parts of the prestigious Times City urban area (458 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi). Vinhomes Times City luxury apartments offer “All-in-one” (Convenience at your fingertips) services.

Vinhomes Times City offers almost 400 serviced apartments for lease in many sizes and flexible designs from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Vinhomes Times City offers a wide range of apartments with different levels of furnishings to match customer requirements and preferences.

The apartments were built with 6 criteria in mind:

Luxurious accommodationCommunity building activitiesProfessional and personalized servicesGreen and clean living environmentComprehensive facilitiesSecurity and safety

Vinhomes Times City – Park Hill is proud to offer its customers the experience of a new lifestyle in a friendly atmosphere, embraced by the warm and familiar breath of life during their stay here.

Vinhomes Times City is now offering almost 600 “All-in-one” serviced apartments.

A fully furnished serviced apartment in Vinhomes Times City includes:


Living room furniture: sofa set, coffee table, TV stand, HD television, digital receiver,A dining table set in the living room area,Master bedroom furniture: King-sized bed, built-in closets, a dressing table, night standsAdditional bedroom furniture: Queen-sized bed, built-in closets, night standsHome office furniture: desk and chairFully-equipped kitchen: infrared stove, toaster oven, exhaust hood, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dinnerware, flatware and cookware setAn initial set of bathroom toiletries


Cable TVPest control and regular preventive maintenance of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinklersLandline telephone with free fixed-line callsHigh-speed InternetTap water24/7 centralized automatic hot water systemElectricityDaily housekeeping services (except Sundays, and public holidays) include changing bed sheets, pillow covers and towels

Vinhomes Times City proudly offers its customers an experience of a new lifestyle in a friendly atmosphere, with the warm and familiar breath of life, during their stay.


The Vinhomes Times City luxurious apartments are located in the Times City eco-urban complex, with comprehensive facilities optimized to the needs of residents, including:

Green public space

Greenery and a lake covering an area of nearly 100,000 m2 are tastefully designed and arranged in harmony with the overall urban area along with children playgrounds, together create distinct highlights and bring residents feelings of airiness and tranquility reminiscent of a natural park.

Times City is now considered the leading smart urban model in Vietnam with green, clean environment, and a thriving and responsible community.

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Times City Musical Fountain

Covering an area of ​​almost 10,000 m2 (excluding the lakes), the magnificent musical fountain of Times City runs along the 400m man-made river, with the latest, technologically advanced sound and lighting system.

For the first time in Vietnam, residents may enjoy from the comfort of their home, spectacular musical water shows in the midst of a modern architectural ensemble surrounded by green space, the vibrant colors of flowers, and operated with environmentally-friendly objectives.

Times City Musical Fountain is the new entertainment address and an ideal venue to host live events and attractive art shows.

Shopping Mall

Vincom Mega Mall Times City – covering a large area of 100,000 m2 with more than 300 stores – is the convergence of hundreds of famous domestic and international brands. The tenant mix and logical layout optimize traffic flow of the mega mall and maximize convenience to shoppers.

Food Court

Covering approximately 12,200 m2, Vincom Mega Mall Times City provides nearly 100 diversified restaurants with many choices of cuisines. The food court is the ideal place for customers to enjoy the cuisines from various regions in the country and around the world in a unique, fresh and friendly atmosphere.


Supermarkets are conveniently located on the ground floor of each building, along with the 1-hectare Ocean Mart on B1, provide residents easy access to fresh, safe foods for daily meals.

Vinpearlland Aquarium Times City

Vinpearlland Aquarium Times City is the first modern aquarium in Hanoi designed with a tunnel featuring 180-degree views. The aquarium is home to more than 300 rare and exotic marine species allocated by classes and colors, to adapt to water level, coral or sea-gorge. Notably, for the first time in Vietnam, visitors are able to watch adorable penguins brought from the southwest coast of Africa. In addition to admiring sea creatures, visitors also have a chance to meet and take pictures with beautiful mermaids on land, enjoy their underwater performances, and watching divers feeding fish in the tank.

Platinum Cineplex Times City is one of the largest multiplexes in Vietnam and the Asian region with 11 screens and 2100 seats in 6000 m2

Play zone for children at VinKE (Vin Kid’s Edutainment):

With nearly 6,000 m2 of dedicated space, VinKE is a children paradise. VinKE is built on a “three-in-one” model to fascinate young learners, perfectly combining education, entertainment and physical activities, and knowledge and spiritual growth under the assistance of international experts. VinKE is operated with the idea of “a rewarding paradise for children from preschool to adolescence where VinKE’s visitors may explore the colorful diversity of the world, discover dream careers by participating in various practical activities, or simply enjoy adventure games and build a lasting memory of a childhood filled with happiness and laughter.”

Kids World

With a total area of over 9,000 m2, Kids World is uniquely designed to suit a child’s mind. The facility offers many famous domestic and international brands and provides a variety of services, from shopping to healthcare for children and fostering child development. Kids World opens up a paradise of shopping and services for families with young children and teenagers.

Vinmec International Hospital

With more than 600 inpatient and semi-inpatient rooms full of advanced and high-end equipment and furnished to 5-star hotel standards, Vinmec offers Vietnamese people a professional hospital with high quality international-standard services. A team of attentive, hospitable and dedicated doctors and medical staff who are leading experts in their fields have access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities to offer patients at VINMEC International General Hospital most reliable and effective healthcare services. VINMEC is also the first hospital in Vietnam to provide private patient rooms furnished to international hotel standards and offering customized services to accommodate all the possible needs of its patients and their visitors.


Starting from Kindergarten to high-school, Vinschool – the high-quality K-12 school system, fully owned and operated by Vingroup – aims to benefit the community and contribute to improving the quality of education in Vietnam. Vinschool carries the pride of a young Vietnamese generation with desire to connect to the world and strive ceaselessly to train future Vietnamese intellectuals.

Modern classrooms are equipped with advanced learning tools, physical education facilities and playground, designed with nature in mind while still ensuring student safety.

In Vinschool’s sophisticated and secure environment, students can focus entirely and comfortably on learning and developing personal skills. In addition, extracurricular programs such as summer camps, exchanges, and visits help students practice self-confidence as well as gain understanding of culture and society.

The high-quality Vinschoolsystemcontributesto facilitating the physical and intellectual development of our future citizens.

Vincom Office Times City – Class A Office Complex for Lease

Located in the podium of certain towers, Vincom Office Times City is tastefully designed and luxuriously furnished. The facility is directly connected to modern underground parking with sufficient space for more than 16,500 motorcycles and 2,700 cars. The total floor area covers almost 30,698 m2 with each floor’s area of ranging from 1,200 to 1,800m2 to meet rental demand of 70 m2 upwards.

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Vincom Office – Times City is considered as the project to meet the needs of most tenants in Hanoi.

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