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Villas, townhouses for rent in Vinhome Ocean Park


Townhouses & villas in Vinhomes Ocean Park is located in Vinhomes Ocean Park project in Gia Lam, Hanoi, invested & developed by Vingroup. Designed to become another great urban like Singapore and even more than that.  Villas at Vinhomes Ocean Park offer residents a completely different lifestyle from the fresh green ecological space, the system of high-class amenities and the most modern architecture in Vietnam and around the world.




1.Location of townhouses & villas in Vinhomes Ocean Park

Vinhomes Ocean Park is located on 3 communes of Da Ton, Duong Xa, Kieu Ky and part of Trau Quy town, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. This is considered one of the beautiful locations in Gia Lam district, especially near both National Roads 5A and 5B. It is convenient to move to the center of Hanoi city, and easy to move to the provinces and cities in the East such as Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong …


2. Design of Vinhomes Ocean Park villa

Villa Vinhomes Ocean Park

  Vinhomes Ocean Park Villa has a total of 1,043 units located in all 4 sub-areas Pearl, Coral, Sea Star, Hai Au. In details:

• Single villas with 392 units, 3.5 floors in height, area ranges from ​​141 to 417 m2, price from 12 Billion VND – 60 Billion VND.

• Semi-detached villas have 1,011 units,  3.5 floors in height, area ranges from ​​122 to 153m2, price ranges from 10 Billion VND to 15 Billion VND.

Villas in Vinhomes Gia Lam is designed according to 4 architectural concept: Mediterranean, Greek, Italian and Indochina. This remind us of villas in Vinhomes Riverside & The Harmony. Each villa owns a large garden and many large windows overlooking the ecological river, lakes, saltwater lake and large green tree area. This will be the perfect product line for the elite who want to experience the “ocean” life in the heart of Hanoi.




Townhouses in Vinhomes Ocean Park

  There are totally 396 apartments Townhouses in Vinhomes Ocean Park, spanning in 3 sub-areas of Ngoc Trai, Sao Bien and Hai Au.

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Height ranges from 3.5 – 4.5 floors, areas ranges from 60 to 140m2, price ranges from 5 to 12 billion VND. Townhouses in Vinhomes Gia Lam is designed according to 3 architectures: Mediterranean, Italy and Indochina. No garages, no gardens and there is a large sidewalk instead. This product line is quite suitable for customers with moderate finance, who are looking for a residential house in a civilized and modern urban area with large population, full of all amenities and services.



3.The amenities of  townhouses in Vinhomes Ocean Park

  Located in the heart of the urban area, the 24.5-hectare lake and a 6.1-hectare saltwater lake are considered the two most unique & the most outstanding amenities at Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam. Both of these precious blue gems possess a long stretch of white sand with coconut tree lines, bringing a truly actual ocean landscape.



A fact that Hanoi is a landlocked city which features 36 streets with crowded lanes. Therefore, the sea is always a dream, a desire in every summer. But in Vinhomes Gia Lam, the sea is no longer a dream. Because the sea is right in front of your home, every day you can leisurely stroll under the green coconut trees or calmly watch your baby playing on the white sand.

Townhouse in Vinhomes Ocean Park will be the best choice for every customer thanks to its preeminent features such as:

• Appropriate land area that is affordable for the majority of customers

• Functional

• Attractive price

• Diversity in architectures

• And many other advanced features …

As a world-class urban based on the model of Singapore, definitely high-class amenities & services for residents are indispensable. In particular, Vincom Plaza commercial center system, Vinschool school, Vinmec hospital and more than 100 tennis courts, basketball, badminton, volleyball, outdoor swimming pool … will meet all needs of entertainment, education, health care of future owners there.

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