Vinhomes Times City Park Hill built based on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture style of Singapore island country, Times City is a luxury and high-class combination in Hanoi where your friends and family can enjoy a comfortable and perfect life.Vinhomes Times City Park Hill offers almost 400 serviced apartments for lease in many sizes and flexible designs from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Vinhomes Times City offers a wide range of apartments with different levels of furnishings to match customer requirements and preferences.The apartments were built with 6 criteria in mind: Luxurious accommodation Community building activities Professional and personalized services Green and clean living environment Comprehensive facilities Security and safetyVinhomes Times City Park Hill is proud to offer its customers the experience of a new lifestyle in a friendly atmosphere, embraced by the warm and familiar breath of life during their stay here.

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Two-bedroom Apartment Park Hill Premium for rent


For Rent
$800.0 /Month – ApartmentTwo-bedroom Apartment Park Hill Fully-furnished Apartment in Park 10 block, Park Hill Premium for rent. The Apartment has using area 80sq.m and it composes 2…More Details
Three-bedroom Apartment Park Hill for rentFor Rent, New
$1,200.0 /Month – ApartmentThree-bedroom Apartment Park Hill for rent This is an apartment inPark 12 block, Park Hill Times city. It has total area 107sq.m, full of furniture…More Details
Vinhomes Park Hill Apartment for rent


For Rent
$1,000.0 /Month – ApartmentVinhomes Park Hill Apartment for rent Apartment in Park 5 Park Hill Time city for rent. This apartment has using area 110sqm and it composes…More Details

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Budget 2 bedroom Times City Minh Khai apartment


Not Available
Call for Price – ApartmentBudget 2 bedroom Times City Minh Khai apartment Vinhomes Times City is belong to Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung district. This apartment is located on high…More Details
Vinhomes Times City Park Hill Apartments


For Rent
$750.0 Per Month – ApartmentVinhomes Times City Park Hill Apartments, 02 bedrooms, 02 bathrooms Beautiful apartment has 75m2 total living area with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, modern living including…More Details
$700.0 Per Month – ApartmentCheap 2 bedroom Park Hill Times City apartment. This 2 bedroom apartment has nice furniture in high floor. Park Hill Times City is perfect place…More Details
$750.0 /Month – ApartmentTimes City Hanoi Apartment for Rent with 02 bedrooms You are looking for in Ha Ba Trung District, Time City Vinhomes is perfect for you and…More Details

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Call for Price – ApartmentBeing on 19th floor, with total area is 55 m2, balcony facing to South direction, overlooking to to city, bright rooms and airy. 2 layer-window…More Details
$600.0 – $1,300 per month – Apartment, Serviced ApartmentIf you are looking for in Park Hill Ha Noi. Our company currently offers great variety of different apartments for rent. Apartment Condominium Park Hill…
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