Markets in the Northeast of Hanoi in recent years are growing, from infrastructure systems to utilities. The demand for living and working is also increasing, leading to the increasing housing demand. One of the bright spots in the northeastern region of the capital is being crowded by customers, including the Vinhomes Symphony project – the green pearl of the capital.

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Apartment for rent in Vinhomes Symphony Long Bien

Vinhomes Symphony is located on Chu Huy Man Street – the widest and most beautiful route in Long Bien District with eight lanes of traffic. This is also a prime location, in the middle of the central area of ​​the urban area, one side facing Vincom Plaza Long Bien, one side overlooking Dinosaur Park and one side adjacent to the green canal.

Vinhomes Symphony Complex consists of 5 apartment buildings and an office building designed by famous architecture firm Humphreys & Partners (USA). In addition to the common facilities of the urban area, Vinhomes Symphony owns unique internal landscapes such as swimming pools, walking paths and clusters of utilities simulating the Greek lia (Lyre). All are intentionally arranged with BBQ garden overlooking the canal, lawns, fountains, children’s playgrounds, sports field system … creating a harmonious and unique whole.

Vinhomes Symphony offers choices that suit a wide range of customers. The apartments have a flexible area of ​​37 m2 -119.5 m2, equivalent to 1-3 bedrooms, smartly designed, maximize sunlight and wind to ensure the best quality of life for users.

In terms of security, Vinhomes Symphony will be operated according to the 5-star standard of Vinhomes with 24/7 security system, including surveillance camera system and a strict outside security team – ensuring absolute safety for residents. people.

Rent an apartment, enjoy attractive utilities


Especially, the apartment complex with the central position of the urban area is recognized as the “best in the world” Vinhomes Riverside – residents of Vinhomes Symphony enjoy the whole landscape, unique green space and many systems. 5 star outstanding facilities: Infrastructure, roads, schools, commercial centers, culinary centers and world-class conference Almaz … has been operating stably for many years.

Converging the quintessence of modern life, the investor creates Vinhomes Symphony with full amenities for a high-class residential community with a range of technology utilities. Residents here will have equal access to 5-star utilities to meet the needs of shopping, entertainment, cuisine, health, education, …

System of shopping malls Vincom, Vinmart, Vinpro, Cinema, BBQ

System of children’s playgrounds and gyms

Vinmec health system, Vinschool education, inter-school school

Strong backup power system in public areas, central air conditioning is stable.

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Shophouse system is located right at the foot of the buildings, interspersed with shopping promenades, not only bringing convenience to residents but also promising to bring the complex to become the focus of the urban area with the pace of life. most exciting.

Attractive rental price

At the Vinhomes Symphony project, apartments for rent at reasonable prices, suitable for a variety of tenants, especially those with average income, small households.

Inspired by the idea of ​​”Symphony-symphony”, the investor of Vinhomes Symphony project wishes to bring residents a peaceful, peaceful life here. Here, residents will experience life to the fullest thanks to the modern internal and external utilities system.

Vinhomes Symphony apartment is a modern design with an area ranging from 37m2 – 119, 5m2, designed from 1-3 bedrooms reasonably, suitable to the needs and financial potential of households, individual or customer group. With a modern design, the apartments are provided with sufficient natural light, from a high view to admire the panoramic view of the space inside the urban area, with more than 70ha of green space, 18.8km of canals and 12.4 hectares of lake is cool.


A prestigious investor

Vingroup is one of the top 10 most prestigious real estate investors in Vietnam. With the goal of bringing superior quality real estate products, bringing the international standard living experience to customers, VinGroup is gradually asserting a solid position of the leading real estate developer. Vietnam.

Invested by a reputable and potential unit like Vingroup, Vinhomes Symphony brings credibility and absolute peace of mind to customers about product quality as well as attractive investment opportunities.

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The project is considered the latest subdivision developed from Vinhomes Riverside eco-urban area. With the inheritance and promotion of outstanding value about the landscape. Living environment, utility system and residential architecture, Vinhomes Symphony promises to bring you the most perfect life at the right price.

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