Address: No. 1 Bach Dang Street, Thuong Ly Precinct, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong.

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Investor: Vingroup – JSC.

Total area: 78.5 ha.

• Land area for public use: 4,834 m2

• Land area for schools: 22,215 m2

• Land area for residential use: 247,400 m2

• Shophouse area: 20,386 m2

• Complex area (hotel, commerce & services): 25,465 m2

• Hotel services area: 10,345 m2

• Public land: 6,723 m2

Product type:

• Semi-detached villa, Detached villa.

• Boutique House.

• Mansion.

Exterior & Landscape Design Consultant: Humphreys & Partners (USA). Vingroup Corporation – Joint Stock Company.


• 1km from the center of Lach Tray, 2 sides facing main roads (Bach Dang street & Cau Binh street), easily connect to the arterial roads of the city.

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• Imperia has a very beautiful location, surrounded by two large rivers of the city (Cam River & Thuong Ly River).


01. Light square02. City”s symbolic fountain03. Walking stroll along Boutique House04. Flower frame, rest chair05. Children”s playground06. Playground for teens07. Outdoor gym08. Table tennis court09. Avenue of glory, illuminated tree line10. Water playground combining light show11. Outdoor classical style stage12. The multi-purpose grass square combining event organizing (music festival, fair)13. Parking lot14. Quick picking-up zone15. Fountain of light16. Square by the canal17. Resting bench court, table tennis tables, outdoor fitness, yoga18. Flower garden, shade and fruit trees19. Artificial grass hill20. Canal square (waterfall, statue, classic pillars, flower garden)
21. Large promenade towards the canal22. Event Ground23. Palm tree line walking stroll24. Classic pedestrian bridge25. Multifunctional Square26. BBQ area27. Golf training house28. Mini golf course29. Mini square30. Flower garden, shelterd walkway31. Basketball court32. Outdoor swimming pool33. Swimming pool aiding house34. Badminton court35. Entrance to the square36. Vincom commercial center37. Mini Golf Course38. Kindergarten39. Clubhouse40. Sports Complex
41. Marina


The Paris

Inspired by the romantic, delicate and luxurious architecture that combines the elements of French-style villas, The Paris subdivision is a perfect replica of the capital of light and love. Balconies filled with flowers, high square windows are skillfully sculpted in each white villa bring the typical French characteristics which cannot be mistaken.

Owning a beautiful location by Thuong Ly River and the landscape canal, The Paris is considered as a pure natural zone with the utmost living amenities, providing a “resort” lifestyle just in the heart of the Habor city.

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The Venice

The Venice is the second subdivision of the four “architectural essences converged” subdivisions (France, Italy, USA, Monaco) of the urban ecological complex Imperia, located in Thuong Ly Precinct, Hong Bang District , Hai Phong.

Owning a favorable location, The Venice with one side along with river Cam and one side embracing the landscape canal creates a charming scene of the river.

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The Manhattan

“The Mahattan” has a prime location at the gateway of Imperia project in Thuong Ly Precinct, Hong Bang District, which can quickly connect to the city”s arterial roads and directly link to the complex of Square – Hotel – Commercial center of the project. From the center of the urban area, with the highlight of the 45-floor Imperia Tower – the highest in Hai Phong, The Mahattan owns adequate conditions to reappear the best of the US Manhattan”s vibrant life.

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Boutique House

As the name implies, Boutque House is a perfect combination of Boutique and House, bringing a delightful story, double benefit in the same living space.

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