Make yourself at home and enjoys a superb location in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Brand new building right in CBD – 5* services and prime location. Vinhome Golden River is on Top of the luxury apartment building in Ho Chi Minh city, the most prestigious and massive complex of residential area in HCMC Downtown along with fully facilities and services.

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apartment: the apartment access need the fingerprint of the host which means that you cannot access the apartment freely. Whenever you want to come back, you need to contact the host unless you have friend stay in the room. That’s inconvenient! This is 2 separate apartments if you want to stay together with your frineds, you should think twice. 公寓:出入房源需要主人的指紋,這意味著您無法自由隨時出入。每當您想回來時,都需要與房東聯繫,除非您有朋友留在房間裡。不方便! 這是兩套獨立分開的公寓,如果您想與朋友住在一起,您應該三思。 experience: originally we have booked 6nights, however, in the forth night, we have been kicked away. Knowing we are all waiting outdoor and beingg force to leave, host didn’t come to help while the security refused to let us access the building. We, 10 people, had been standing outdoor for 4hours together with two old ladies at midnight with arrested properties. With the help of friends, we finally got back our stuffs and get on taxi finding new hotel in such late night. Terrible! Nightmare! 體驗:最初我們預定了6晚,但是在第四晚,沒有事前通知,沒有法律文件,我們被強行要求離開。當保安拒絕我們進入大樓時,房東得知我們的處境但沒有前來幫助。我們10個人在午夜時分與兩名老太太被迫站在室外4個小時。所有的個人物品都被扣押在房間而我們不能上出收拾自己的財產。在朋友的幫助下,談判後保安才允許兩個人上去收拾十人的東西,還要在深夜找的士去尋找新的旅館。可怕!惡夢! services: things are not well prepared, we need to ask for further assistance. Breakfast is provided but not enough for 6 days and seems no refill is given.

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The quantity of personal care products are not sufficient for 10 people as said that will be supplied. The security are very impolite. With no prior notification and official document, they refused us from getting in the building at midnight of the forth day with no explanation. From the first day of stay, we are not feeling welcomed. 服務:有關物品準備不足,我們需要每次向房東要求進一步的幫助。有提供早餐但不足6天,也似乎沒有補及的意思。如所述,個人護理產品的數量不足以容納10人。 樓下的保安人員很不禮貌。沒有事先通知和正式文件,他們拒絕了我們在第四天午夜進入大樓的要求,沒有任何解釋。從入住的第一天起,我們就感到不受歡迎。 location: The view is good and with shops around, however, not easily accessible unless you drive or by taxi. 位置:風景不錯,周圍有商店,但是除非您開車或乘出租車,否則不是容易到達方便。 This is the first time I used Airbnb for booking. I have never imagined that my family, friends and I would experience such terrible, nonsense and bad time. We go travel for relaxation, however, we have been insult. This frighten me for visiting again. Airbnb is helping us to handle the incident. Hoping that this will not be the last time I used Airbnb. 這是我第一次使用Airbnb進行預訂。我從未想過我的家人,朋友和我會經歷如此可怕、不合情理和不幸的時光。我們去旅行放鬆一下,但是,我們受到了侮辱。這嚇怕了我再次來訪。 Airbnb正在幫助我們處理這一事件。 希望這不會是我最後一次使用Airbnb。…

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