4. thienmaonline.vnS GOLDEN RIVER APARTMENT FOR RENT8. Premises of 4 main subdivisions of thienmaonline.vns Golden River project9. thienmaonline.vns Golden River Aqua 1

thienmaonline.vns Golden River Apartment For Rent in District 1 Has 5-star Luxury Furniture and Service. High Floor Apartment Spectacular River View 1, 2, 3 BR From$900. thienmaonline.vns Golden Bason has high-en equipment including Duravit sanitary equipment, Bosch kitchen appliances, Low-E Glass, Smarthom 

First of all, renting thienmaonline.vns Bason apartment brings a high class living space, paceful enviroment, safe and security 24/24. Moreover, this is the most high-end housing product line of Vingroup currently. It is the best living place for foreigner professional working in Saigon. In addition, GOLDEN PARK miniature city with a wide green park with beautiful swimming pools, clean.

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Fristly, super prime location right in the heart of District 1, two fronts of Saigon River, one side Zoo and Botanical Garden.Secondly, the only large and luxurious complex in District 1 center with full facilities and servicesThirstly, the only apartment in the center of District 1 has the Saigon river Next, Apartment has been developed by the largest and most prestigious real estate corporation in VietnamAfter that, designed and built by leading companies in Vietnam and the World Then, metro Station Ba son No. 3 is located on the project campus.Finanlly, thienmaonline.vns Golden River apartment for rent is currently the best price in the real estate market. 

thienmaonline.vns Golden Ba Son apartment for rent, located in the center of District 1, No. 2 Ton Duc Thang Street. Therefore, this place is convenient in employment – trade with neighboring areas.

In particularly, thienmaonline.vns Golden River apartmenthas luxurious living space, fully equipped, clean environment, quiet, security. Thus, it is likened to a miniature city with a wide green park with beautiful swimming pools, clean and airy walkways.

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Firstly, type of 1 bedroom thienmaonline.vns apartment Aqua 1-2

Area: average 50 m2 (1PN, 1WC)Basic interior rental price: 750 – 900 USD / month ( Good price during currently situation)Fully furnished: 900 / monthTransfer price of VND 5 billion

Next, thienmaonline.vns Golden River Apartment 2 bedrooms Aqua 3

Area: 70 – 86 m2 (2PN, 2WC)Rental price of basic furniture: 850 – 1,200 USD / monthFully furnished: 1000-1400 USD / monthSELLING prices range from 6.1 to 11.5 billion

Then, Golden River apartment with 3 rooms Aqua 1

Area: 100 – 126 m2 (3PN, 2WC)Rental price of basic furniture: 1,300 – 1,700 USD / monthFull interior: 1400-1700 USD / monthSELLING price ranges from 12-21 billion

Finally, thienmaonline.vns 4-bedroom apartment

Area: ~ 160 m2 (4PN, 3WC)Basic interior rental price: US $ 1800 / monthFully furnished: 1850 USD / monthSELLING prices range from 21 billion or moreDAILY SHORT TERM FOR RENT( PLEASE CONTACT US)


In particularly, Villa location: Victoria Villas

Overall, Villa type:

Fristly, Duplex villa: land area: 225m2, DTSD: 546m2, 1 cellar, 1 ground, 3 floors, 4 bedrooms …Next, Duplex villa: land area: 325m2, DTSD: 798m2, 1 cellar, 1 ground, 3 floors, 5 bedrooms …After that, Single villa: land area: 437m2, DTSD: 978m2, 1 cellar, 1 ground floor, 3 floors, 7 bedrooms …In particularly, Villa rental price: ~ 8,000 – 15,000 USD / monthAll in all, Selling prices range from 120 billion or more


Frist of all, Location of rental shophouse: Aqua 1, Aqua 2, Aqua 3, Aqua 4, Lux 6Handover: roughArea: ~ 100 – 150m2Seconly , shophouse rental price ranges: 6,000 – 10,000 USD / monthOverall, transfer price ranges from VND 15 billion

Landmark 81 For Rent 

Type of apartment Acreage (m2) Price /month
1 Bed Room Apartment Landmark 81 54 – 66 $1,000
2 Bed Room Apartment Landmark 81 78 – 94 $1,400-1,700
3 Bed Room Apartment Landmark 81 106 – 145 $2,000–2,600
4 Bed Room Apartment Landmark 81 171 – 192 $3,200–3,900

First of all, cleaning service in the apartmentSecondly, thienmaonline.vns Management Group is one of the best managment apartment in Vietnam to ensure : clean, safe and professional for the building Thirdly, absolute safety securityNext, management always supervises 24/24 to promptly detect strange to ensure the apartment is always safe. Then, 5-star apartment repair serviceOverall, if you have any problems about the apartment, you will get help from the building manager IMMEDIALLY. 

Located in thienmaonline.vns Golden River area, the facilities of the apartment are extremely wonderful. So, you are the person who needs the facilities and the modern, thienmaonline.vns Golden River apartment will be very suitable for you

TT Square, Lawn for eventPlayground and utility squareRiver view campusCovered riverfront campusResidential pool, BBQ areaObservatory with panoramic views of the riverTropical Flower Garden, WaterfallVinmec International HospitalVinchool inter-school schoolVincom Trade CenterCommunity living roomSports training system helps residents of Gold River practice healthMulti-purpose playground for children to develop physically and mentally

Overall, thienmaonline.vns Golden River Apartmenet for Rent is the only project connecting the old administrative center in District 1 with District 2. Thus, president will not be worry about the problem traffic jam.

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Best Facility of thienmaonline.vns Golden River Apartment:On the first hand, head to the riverside park & look straight at the shimmering Saigon River at night – cool in the daytimeThe second side, facing the vibrant center with the highlight is the colorful Bitexco buildingFinnally, overlooking the green park of the poetic Botanical Garden
First of all, thienmaonline.vns Golden River project has a total area of 25.29 hectares, including 16 blocks and divided into 4 main zones:The Luxury, The Victoria The Front. Besides, The AQua is located at the corner of Thi Nghe canal and Saigon river, so it is very open. 4 apartment blocks Aqua 1, Aqua 2, Aqua 3, Aqua 4 

 The Luxury Apartment subdivision: 

Finally, brand new luxury apartment for rent with completely different design, interior standards. It is located in the center of thienmaonline.vns Golden River project directly facing Saigon River and City center. 

1. Location thienmaonline.vns Golden River Aqua 1

Moreover, compared to the “Diamond Location” in the heart of District 1, the Aqua buildings of the thienmaonline.vns Golden River project in Bason port have extremely good prices, suitable for office and apartments for rent, high investment value. for investors to welcome this super project.

2. thienmaonline.vn Bason Aqua 1

So. floors: 50 floorsType of development:Apartment 1 – 4 bedroomsSo. OfficetelAerial Villa (Penthouse)Compared to the number of units / floor: 16 unitsElevator: 12 monthsSo. Staircase (emergency staircase): 2 stairs03 basements for parking.View balcony:Northeast: Vision on thienmaonline.vns Landmark 81South: Saigon River View, Thu Thiem Urban AreaSouthwest: Central vision of District 1

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