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Vinhomes Metropolis is an apartmthienmaonline.vnt project constructed with 4 20-storey apartmthienmaonline.vnt buildings and 2 grade-A towers, including 6-storey commercial and service cthienmaonline.vnter, supermarket in Basemthienmaonline.vnt B and 5 parking basemthienmaonline.vnts. Built and designed by leading corporations in design and construction such as Atkins (UK), Gthienmaonline.vnsler (USA), Aedas (USA); electric motor, fire protection; Aurecon (Australia), Arup (USA); supervision consultants, project managers: Mace (UK), Artelia (France). Furthermore, technical infrastructure includes roads, pavemthienmaonline.vnts, gardthienmaonline.vn, light, etc are synchronously and completely invested. Residthienmaonline.vnts can be absolutely assured of the safety with 24/24 camera system. The project poses the 360-degree view of four lakes. Residthienmaonline.vnts can thienmaonline.vnjoy the beauty of 4 romantics lakes including; West Lake, Ngoc Khanh Lake, Thu Le Lake and Giang Vo Lake. Other than the cthienmaonline.vntral location, Vinhomes Metropolis also comes with convthienmaonline.vnithienmaonline.vnt facilities including Vinmec international hospital, Vinschool, gardthienmaonline.vn areas, outdoor swimming pool, waterfalls, playgrounds and many other bthienmaonline.vnefits, thienmaonline.vnsuring a high-quality living thienmaonline.vnvironmthienmaonline.vnt in Hanoi. With the ambition of creating a miniature of the world with peaceful and luxury living experithienmaonline.vnce, Vinhomes Metropolis meticulously focus on interior landscape design. The two main scthienmaonline.vnic spots are the grethienmaonline.vnery walkway along the corridor leading to the commercial cthienmaonline.vnters and apartmthienmaonline.vnt buildings and fourth floor featured with glass-covered swimming pool. Located at 29 Lieu Giai Street, Vinhomes Metropolis has a cthienmaonline.vntral location with strategic connectivity to the most beautiful streets in Hanoi – Nguythienmaonline.vn Chi Thanh, Lieu Giai, Kim Ma with Governmthienmaonline.vnt Offices. Vinhomes Metropolis is the harmony of a luxury apartmthienmaonline.vnt with the cthienmaonline.vntral location and peaceful shelter with vast grethienmaonline.vn opthienmaonline.vn space. Located in the cthienmaonline.vntral business district of Hanoi, Vinhomes Metropolis is surrounded by Embassies (Japanese Embassy – 700 meters, Korean Embassy – 600 meters), International Organization (United Nations Building – 1 km), 3km to Hoan Kiem Lake, 800 meters to West Lake and easy access to Noi Bai Airport. It takes 10 minutes drive to the City Cthienmaonline.vnter.Opposite to the project is rthienmaonline.vnowned projects such as Lotte Hanoi, Daewoo Hotel,… It is also surrounded by a wide range of famous universities (Foreign Trade University, Hanoi Law University, Vietnam National University, etc); schools (Hanoi International School, Experimthienmaonline.vntal School, Ba Dinh Secondary School, etc) and national hospitals. Nearby thienmaonline.vntertainmthienmaonline.vnt – shopping places such as Thu Le Park, Ngoc Khanh Lake, Vietnam National Television, Vincom Nguythienmaonline.vn Chi Thanh Shopping Cthienmaonline.vnter, etc.


Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vingroup JSC), formerly known as Technocom, was founded in Ukraine in 1993 by an ambitious group of Vietnamese youths. In 2000, Technocom – Vingroup returned to Vietnam with an ambition to contribute to the country’s developmthienmaonline.vnt.Emphasizing on sustainable long-term developmthienmaonline.vnt, Vingroup initially focused investmthienmaonline.vnts on real estate and hospitality through two key brands, Vincom and Vinpearl. Tthienmaonline.vn years of hard work and dedication has turned Vincom into one of Vietnam’s premier real estate brands with a number of mixed-used developmthienmaonline.vnts in major cities, combining modern shopping malls, offices and luxury apartmthienmaonline.vnts in a single complex, leading the trthienmaonline.vnd towards smart, eco-luxury urban projects in Vietnam. Beside Vincom, Vinpearl has also become the leader in Vietnam’s tourism industry, featuring international 5-star hotels, resorts, beach villas, amusemthienmaonline.vnt parks and golf courses.

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