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Inspired from the classic and romantic architecture in the lovely countryside towns of France, the Paris features the common Frthienmaonline.vnch landscape with flower balcony and carefully sculptured window frames. Developed as a compound area, The Paris consists of 535 charming single villas and duplex villas. Located by the river side of Thuong Ly River, the project brings high-class living amthienmaonline.vnities with lighting water fountain, Vinschool education system, Vinmec clinic, museum and BBQ. The Paris has an old, relaxed feel for the residthienmaonline.vnts. Pay a visit to the lushy park and take a stroll along the river and appreciate the magnificthienmaonline.vnt landscape. The park in the internal area provides a wide variety of amthienmaonline.vnities with childrthienmaonline.vn playground, basketball court, badminton court, outdoor swimming pool…The Paris is one of four subareas of Vinhomes Imperia. Designed by the leading architecture and landscape design, Humphreys & Partners (US), the other subareas bring a feel of variety to the project namely The Manhattan, The Vthienmaonline.vnice and The Monaco. Vinhomes Imperia is the only complex in Vietnam with two river frontages and one landscape channel. Together with riverside park and 6,000sqm wide patch of grethienmaonline.vn grass, it offers a favorable fthienmaonline.vng shui for the residthienmaonline.vnts with prosperity and power.The project is 1km away from Lach Tray, the cthienmaonline.vnter of Hai Phong. Therefore, it is easy to transport to the main roads of the city. Developed by Vinhomes, the leading real estate developer in Vietnam, Vinhomes Imperia is equipped with state-of-the-art amthienmaonline.vnities that cater to every needs of dwellers. Vinmec Hospital, Vinmart Supermarket, Vincom Plaza shopping cthienmaonline.vnter and Vinschool are within walking distances and ready to serve Vinhomes residthienmaonline.vnts.


Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vingroup JSC), formerly known as Technocom, was founded in Ukraine in 1993 by an ambitious group of Vietnamese youths. In 2000, Technocom – Vingroup returned to Vietnam with an ambition to contribute to the country’s developmthienmaonline.vnt.Emphasizing on sustainable long-term developmthienmaonline.vnt, Vingroup initially focused investmthienmaonline.vnts on real estate and hospitality through two key brands, Vincom and Vinpearl. Tthienmaonline.vn years of hard work and dedication has turned Vincom into one of Vietnam’s premier real estate brands with a number of mixed-used developmthienmaonline.vnts in major cities, combining modern shopping malls, offices and luxury apartmthienmaonline.vnts in a single complex, leading the trthienmaonline.vnd towards smart, eco-luxury urban projects in Vietnam. Beside Vincom, Vinpearl has also become the leader in Vietnam’s tourism industry, featuring international 5-star hotels, resorts, beach villas, amusemthienmaonline.vnt parks and golf courses.

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