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Prime location in the center of HCMC

Vinhomes Central Park is located in Tan Cang, one of the most prime location in downtown of Ho Chi Minh, flexible connectivity to important areas of the city via the convenient transportation system by land road, rail, waterways and Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.

With the best location in the project, the villas in Vinhomes Central Park that is located near large green park to 14 hectares on the banks of the Saigon River offers a natural living standard for villa owners Vinhomes Central Park.


2.Neoclassical design

Detached villas and semidetached villas in Vinhomes Central Park has the area from 223sqm to 700sqm with style of neoclassical architecture. Charming beveled roof, large windows, each line is calculated to ensure standards of high art, good air ventilation and filled with light.

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Vinhomes Central Park Villas

Superior design, concentrated on Green Concept

– The area of 43 hectare

– Building density 23%

– Tree density 32%

Vinhomes Central Park Villa area: 223sqm – 267sqm – 300sqm – 500 sqm -700sqm


Villas map

Do not stop at the class architecture, the beauty of the villas is more beautiful because of large garden area, where owners can immerse themselves in the elegant gardens and landscape in harmony with nature . This is also the perfect private space to relax or organize an outdoor party with friends and relatives.


Vinhomes green space

3. Utilities

Villa in Vinhomes Central Park creates a new standard in life, where residents live in healthy environment, ecology, international standards and pleasure to enjoy the beautiful poetic on the Saigon River luxury yacht.


In addition to the general utilities of the project, residents living in Vinhomes Central Park enjoy perfect life with many outstanding facilities dedicated to the villa:

– High quality of housing products

– 5 star quality professional services at home

– Fresh habitats

– Culture and humanities community

– System of synchronization utility infrastructure

– Security and camera system

– Interlevel Vinschool Central Park

– International Hospital Vinmec Central Park

– High-ranking commercial center

– Power System

– A mini golf in Tan Cang Villas

And especially residents buy Vinhomes Central Park will be free service within 10 years. Security 24/24: Residents of the villas in the project will have its own security protection 24/24.

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Currently, Vinhomes Tan Cang has a lot of villas for sale with a wide variety of areas and different designs to meet the diverse needs of all customers with the reasonable price and clear procedures .

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