Sunshine Autos also known as Sun Yard is a car showroom which is located in Vice City just South of Little Havana. It can be bought by Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City as one of the asset businesses in the game. It also appeared in GTA Vice City Stories, but it is only a place where Vic Vance can buy cars and participate in Street Races. But in GTA Vice City it is a asset business. To gain access to the showroom you will have to buy it for $50,000, so make sure you have the paper before going to buy it. Once you buy it you will see that it is merely a glass box with only a Sentinel in it and a save cassette. But no, believe me you gotta make the the magic work and make it a superb car showroom. When you buy it you will see that there is a little ramp like an underground passage, go down it and check it out. You will see that it holds a Pay n” Spray, a set of garages and another non-working garage. Totally sh*t, the garage won”t work, you will hate it but one day you will love it


Some poetry huh!!.

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This non-working garage is the garage that is gonna change the showroom forever. Well, I will tell you later about that. Now the location.


The Location


The Car Showroom is located on the second island-so make sure you have unlocked it and done the mission Shakedown at the Vercetti Estate successfully. The easiest way to see the location is look at your map. Sunshine Autos is located directly east from Escobar International Airport. To get there from the main island go to Vice Port and stay on theroad once you are in Vice Port take your first right then at the intersection take another right and to your right there will be an empty grass land and right turn and you will see your Sunshine Autos.If you didn”t understand look at the image given below.

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The building encircled by red is the Sunshine Autos Car Showroom


Now What???


Now that you have bought the showroom and saved successfully. Lets get on with improving the showroom and completing the asset. Actually, $50,000 is very cheap as you will probably have opportunities to earn far more than that


. To complete the asset of the showroom you have to complete a list which includes some vehicles for export. Pretty easy.huh. No!!! Finding some cars will be downright hard and some even may take some hours to find


. You will also see near the Pay n” Spray there is a pink mission marker which will hold some awesome, illegal six street races which will make you win not Kudos but $$$Cash$$$. Sunshine Autos will have some working garages which you can use to store your favourite vehicles in them.


Some Important Tips in Finding Cars


*When finding cars try to have no-wanted level, because you might trash your car and end it in a carcass

*Drive carefully. Sometimes you bring it all the way just to flip it over and be frustrated

*If you get a wanted level save the car in the nearest garage and restart the game, if not go to a Pay n” Spray.

*If a Pay n” Spray is not any where near. Get OUT from the car but leave the door open. To leave the door open, when you press the Enter/exit button press the arrow keys or shoot somewhere JUST as Tommy gets down from the car. Its not hard. Then get in another car and lose the heat. Don”t worry your car will be there, unless you save your game. Most of time I have come to spots where I have left my car even after about days in Vice City.

*When looking for cars look in correct places. A Infernus won”t spawn in the Little Haiti or a poor class car won”t spawn in rich areas. Also if you drive a rich car more rich cars will spawn in the streets. So, search wisely.

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*Try to get cars from fixed locations. Because they are easy.

*A car will spawn in a fixed location almost 100% of the time. If the car haven”t spawn take a trip around the block and arrive slowly to the spawn point

*The main thing when driving your car to the Import/Export garage drive carefully and use your common sense.


The Car Lists


Below image shows the location of the wanted car list and Import/ Export Garage





Look at the second image. It shows the Import/Export list and the garage. There will be four lists of Wanted cars. To unlock the second car list you should complete the first list by popping the wanted cars in the Import/Export garage. The Import/Export garage will only open for a car that is wanted. Here is a table with the wanted car lists in order.

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