Overview of Sunshine Crystal RiverInspired by the architectural quintessence of prosperous streets — Asian dragons such as Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul … always have the position of feng shui and starting with water and rivers.

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Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River is the embodiment of a modern city, creating a trendy living standard in the golden position were possessing a rich terrain “next to the river, waterfront” brings a source of vitality and wealth for residents.

Project name: Sunshine Crystal RiverType of property: Luxurious Apartment, Sky Suite, Sky Garden, Sky VillaType of apartment: 02–03 bedroomsAreas: 71–235 sqmTotal area: 50,880 m2Construction density: 30%Expected implementation: Quarter I / 2019Location of Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra

Thanks to the extremely favorable location on the southern bank of the Red River, located in the complex of the golden land of Hanoi with the Ngoai Giao Doan area, the large urban area of ​​Tay Ho Tay — 3 main arteries that make up the miniature city of the capital Hanoi, the future administrative, economic, commercial and entertainment hub.

Pham Van Dong street has been widened to a 12-lane road with an overhead railway that easily connects the new administrative-economic center of the city located in the west of Hanoi and the core area of ​​the urban center of the Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, and Hoan Kiem.Near the metro railway line №02 connects Nam Thang Long and Tran Hung Dao.



Location of Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra

The “Golden” positions above have raised the level of the project, making Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra a prosperous feng-shui land adjacent to the Red River and a stretch of water right in the heart of the project, creating an unparalleled feng-shui soil that will bring about prosperity and fortune for worthy owners.

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The layout of the apartment Sunshine Crystal River Tay Ho

The outer space of Sunshine Crystal River Tay Ho is specially designed, blending the impressive colors of green nature. The overflowing swimming pool from the aerial villas will create truly attractive falls, combined with green trees, demonstrating the class A project of the Sunshine Group.


Sky Villa in Sunshine Crystal River project

Sky Villa in Sunshine Crystal River project is the perfect combination of Villa, Duplex, and Penthouse, providing open spaces with glass walls covering every room, offering glimpse views, river views worthy of the villa in the heart of Hanoi. Meticulous design, luxurious interior is ordered from Europe with optional design and consultation package to bring a unique style, bold personal mark to the owner.

As the name of the project, each apartment connects together to create a Sunshine Crystal River that is like a magical crystal right next to the Red River, West Lake, and Nhat Tan Bridge in the international urban area. Ciputra. With open views to the Red River and towards the Ciputra urban area, it is said to be one of the leading urban real estates in Southeast Asia.

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The Sunshine Crystal River project of Sunshine Group comes with brand-name “exclusive” furniture, and an unprecedented “4.0 utility” series, possessing high-class living values for all high-class residents at Hanoi.

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