Sửa Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Not Connect To Wifi, Galaxy S3 Will Not Connect To Wifi Update 02/2023

Many android users have encountered a problem with wifi saved, secured but not connecting. When you try to connect to wi-fi it says “Saved, secured” under network’s name but no connection. Today we are going to discuss the reasons behind this issue and will give you some solutions to fix wifi saved secured problem.

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Why do I see “Saved, Secured” under network name?

There are some possible reasons behind “Wifi shows saved secured with wpa2” problem on your Smartphone / tablet:Incorrect date & time.IP conflict.The signal is weak.A problem in your Smartphone because of an app, OS update or problem with ROM.Problem in router.

How to fix saved secured wifi problem

Please try these solutions one by one and check whether your problem solved or not 1- Check Date & time settings in your Android device.We recommend that you tick “Automatic date & time” box. In this case, your device will use the date & time provided by your network.

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4- Do forget network from your Android deviceGo to : Wifi > Long press on network name and tap “Forget “.Now reconnect to your wifi network


Use your computer go to “Start” menu and type in search box “Run” double click on itType “cmd” and press Enter to open command promptIn command prompt black window type the following command:“ipconfig” and press Enter


Now you should see a list of IP addresses, the ip you want is ust next to “Default Gateway” take a look at this image below
Now open your browser and type in this ip then press “Enter” Now you should see router login page type username and password, most of routers:Username: adminPassword: admin If not, type your router’s name and google it After logging in, you should look for WLAN settings or wireless settings (its varies from router to another)Now modify the following settings as shown in the image:
Transmission Mode : 802. 11b/g/nChannel : 6Bandwith : 20/40 MHzFor encryption settings, change them as follows:
Security Mode : WPA2-PSKWPA encryption mode : AESNow click “Save” buttonThen forget the network from your phone and reconnect again6- Change DNS settings on your Android Device or router networkSometimes the DNS servers of your Internet service provider (ISP) may be causing the problem. To fix this, you need to switch domain name servers from Wi-Fi settings in your android device.Go to: Settings > Press and hold on your Wi-Fi networkThen select “Modify network configuration”Now tick “Show advanced options”.Then from IP settings, change DHCP to Static and enter details listed in the image below.

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DNS1: tap on “save” and try to connect to the network7- Reset your router and reconfigure settings again OR If your router is outdated, then updating it with latest version can fix this problem for you.
How to fix “saved, secured” wifi problem


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