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Shophouse for rent in Sunshine City

Sunshine City was inspired by the flourishing and prosperous life of New York, the exquisite and unique architectural art of Paris as well as the fresh reservation of Melbourne. Proving itself to be the convergence of many symbolic cities, which elevates the living experience of every resident to a new level of art. Located in the largest and most modern urban area in Hanoi – Ciputra urban area, the Sunshine City project is not only impressive by its unique architecture but also an ideal destination for many foreign customers.

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1. Overview of Sunshine City project

Project name: Sunshine CityLocation: Nam Thang Long urban area, Bac Tu Liem district, HanoiInvestor: Sunshine Group.Total area: 5haDesign: 6 high-rise towers, 1791 apartments, 3 basements, 3 commercial centers.Real estates: Apartments, villas, townhouses, shophouseForm of ownership: CertificationHandover: Expected handover in the first quarter of 2020

2. Sunshine City project location

Located in Ciputra urban area, adjacent to Pham Van Dong street, Sunshine City project has an excellent location, with full potential to become an essential point of the west of the capital due to its conversion elements to become an extravagant diamond land,
With such a convenient location, residents of the Sunshine City project can easily travel to downtown areas as well as transit to Noi Bai International Airport. Many arterial roads are also connected to the capital such as Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge, Ring Road 2, Ring 3, … Furthermore, the project is also constructed on the right southern shore of the Red River, directly at the high-rise tower of Vietinbank- the new financial symbol of Hanoi.
Another special appeal to investors is the feng shui element of the project. Boasting a location adjacent to the West Lake, the project inherits the full vitality from the flow of the highway, the fumes and water are known to bring sustainable wealth toward the owner. The feng shui promises to be an attractive destination for tourists wherever the “dragonhead” lies.


Sunshine City apartment is designed with several varieties of apartments from 2 to 3 bedrooms model to provide classy reservation for homeowners. All apartments in the project are well planned to be able to absorb the breeze and later create a relaxing atmosphere for your room.



Inspired by classic French villas, Sunshine City Villas are uniquely constructed to bring luxury, old-fashioned but nonetheless modern.
With 69 flexible 4-stores design apartments, Sunshine City villa system is meticulously brought a sophisticated, and romantic atmosphere along with heavy attention paid for the Smarthome concept. Heat-resistant glass, water filtration systems of European standards also got installed to meet international requirements


Shophouse Sunshine City is constructed with a modern design consists of 4 floors, 1 tum, and 1 capacious basement to ensure their function to both living as well as convenience for the business.


Sunshine Shophouse is a unique kind of real estate in the Ciputra residential area. The arrangement of shophouses in the project separates the apartment blocks and adjacent villas thus generating excellent earnings potential. Shophouse commercial townhouse is divided into 4 subdivisions, encircled by fresh natural landscapes and bustling amusement parks that accompany 2-in-1 value for both living and business, promising to be a great profitable investment cannot be overlooked by trendy clients.

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Inspired by the city of Melbourne, the investor strengthened the Sunshine City project with a system of international standard facilities to deliver a classy green space, aspiring to turn Ciputra urban area into a modern miniature city.
Furthermore, residents of Sunshine City project will be able to experience many high-class utilities such as:
High-class community living areaSports activity area with multi-season swimming pool, advanced-gymService area including restaurants, shopping, cinemasOutdoor poolGolf courseCenter Square


6. Prestigious Sunshine Group investor

As one of the leading real estate investors in Vietnam, Although it has only been operating in the field of real estate since 2016, Sunshine Group has asserted its position and to be one of the best real estate company out there.
The type of project that Sunshine Group brought all display modern reflection, excellent vision. It can be said that Sunshine Group customers have never been disappointed with products that are always leading trends.
With the advantages ​​that Sunshine Group achieved in recent years, customers can be assured of the quality of real estates that they provide such as the legitimacy of their project.
Favorable location: Located in the busiest urban area in the capital, planning on development infrastructure, project residents will receive a myriad of high-class utilities as well as enjoy the resources from the sustainable feng shui element.
Synchronized utilities: One location, thousands of utilities is the idea of Sunshine City, you can enjoy hundreds of thousands of utilities from the urban area as well as the relaxed West Lake area.
Holding a prime location, impressive 2-in-1 design, prestigious investor, Shophouse Sunshine City offers outstanding profitable investment opportunities. Owners of high-class shophouse units can profit from the business as well as the space for rent. With more than 5,000 urban residents, of which the business shops are usually limited, owning a 2-storey shophouse is truly an opportunity to “lay golden eggs” that any investor would wants to jump in.

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Currently, Tan Long Land is providing consulting services to sell and rent shophouse Sunshine City in nice locations with reasonable prices. A team of professional, enthusiastic consultants is committed to becoming a solid and professional connection between customers and homeowners and investors. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about renting Shophouse Sunshine City, please contact Tan Long Real Estate Floor directly for the best advice and support.

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